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Brandon Stansell Shares What It's Like Working With Taylor Swift

In our exclusive interview, country star Brandon Stansell talks working as a backup dancer for pop sensation Taylor Swift as well as her musical influence on him as an artist!

Another reason to love country star Brandon Stansell, aside from his incredible talent as a singer-songwriter, is for his multitude of abilities as an artist. Prior to wowing the world with his touching lyrics and inviting vocals on hits such as “Hometown,” the singer spent some time honing in his dance skills as a backup dancer for pop sensation Taylor Swift. Performing during her early days of headlining on her Fearless Tour, Stansell had nothing, but wonder memeries and good things to say about working alongside Swift.

“I mean, she’s one of the best songwriters of our time,” Stansell gleefully exclaims. “The girl knows how to tell a story in a way that people instantly relate to it and they instantly want to sing along to it. It was a great experience, I was a backup dancer on the Fearless Tour and it was her first headlining tour, you know and that’s really fun looking back. We had a fun couple years so good experience.”

Can only imagine how amazing that tour experience was and maybe hope for some future collaborations from the two musicians? There would be nothing short of magic in a duet with these too!

While we patiently wait for more music and a touring schedule from the budding country artist, fans can catch Stansell performing at the 27th annual Tin Pan South Songwriters festival, kicking off March 30. Find tickets as well as more information on the singer on his official website HERE!

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