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Lucas Hoge Shares His Favorite Lyric From The Track 'Dirty South'

In our exclusive interview, country singer Lucas Hoge shares his favorite lyric from his song "Dirty South," which is both clever and delicious!

Lucas Hoge stopped by to discuss touring, his creative process and the importance of thoughtful and clever lyrics. In our latest edition of My Favorite Lyric, Hoge shares his favorite lyric from his song “Dirty South,” which paints both a clever and delicious picture. Check out the exclusive video above to find out which lyric he says!

In regard to his general rule of thumb for writing music and putting together an album, Hoge admits very little of his projects involves songs he hasn’t written himself. When talking about creating music in a recent interview, specifically one of his more recent “Power of Garth,” the country star opens up about his writing process. "I like to write 99 percent of the songs that I put on my projects. This was co-written by two friends of mine, Matt Rogers and Terry McBride, and when the publishing company pitched it to me, I fell in love with it, since I am such a huge Garth fan. I had always wanted to write Garth a tribute, but I don't think I can top this one."

He continued, "If you are a Garth Brooks fan, take a listen, and I promise you will fall in love with it. This song will take you back in time to a Garth Brooks songs. Music is a vessel that transports us back in time every time we hear a song."

For more on Lucas Hoge, check out his latest single “John Wayne and Jesus,” as well as his series "Sunday Sessions" which shows Hoge performing a gospel song on his Facebook page every Sunday. Many of those sessions can be watched HERE.

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