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Lucas Hoge Shares A Tour Secret All Singers Should know

In our exclusive interview, country star Lucas Hoge talks the importance of keeping your throat properly coated prior to performing and the unique way he does it before every show!

While many of us may look at the life of a country star and think glitz and glamour, Lucas Hoge explains that's not always the case. Performing night after night around the country would take its toll on anyone and according to the country star there's a special trick to keeping your voice at its best even after hours of singing. Check out the exclusive video above to learn Hoge's unique trick to keeping his vocals strong each night. Trust us, it's a secret that professional performers swear by!

Along with his tips and tricks on the road, Hoge announced he's renewed his partnership with Southwest Airlines in a deal that will see him continue to serve as a “Southwest Storyteller.”

“I am humbled and honored to continue this partnership, not only is Southwest my favorite airline, but the people behind the brand are truly amazing,” said Hoge in a statement. “I’m blessed that they support my music and I am excited to share my travels in 2019, the sky’s the limit!”

Find Hoge on touring throughout 2019, tour dates listed below!

Lucas Hoge’s upcoming tour dates:

3/9 - Charlotte, NC @ SCI
3/10 - Austin, TX @ SXSW
5/20-30 - Wrangler National Patriot Tour
6/15 - Cornstock, NE @ Cornstock Windmill Festival
8/16 - Belleville, KS @ Belleville Community Festival
10/7-10 - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico @ Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel & Romantic Getaway
10/12-16 - Country Cruising

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