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Brandon Stansell Shares An Unexpected Tour Secret

In our exclusive interview, country star Brandon Stansell talks about a unique experience that forced him to end his set early!

In our latest edition of Tour Secret, country star Brandon Stansell shares a moment that seemed pretty unique to us. The singer was performing during a string of pride events when he found himself forced off the stage due to a lighting curfew. Of course, to many of Stansell’s fans disappointment, he was unable to continue his performance and left one fan in particular very upset. This fan had driven from a far distance to witness the “Hometown” singer’s set, but Stansell knew how to make things right. The country artist was able to make his night with some free merch and a private performance that we’re sure made the long trip more than worth it!

“Make sure that before you start paying a show, that they’re going to let you play your whole show,” Stansell chuckles. This is sound advice for any performer getting started in their musical career!

Stansell is currently making the rounds promoting his heartbreaking single “Hometown,” which serves as a semi-biographical look into his own coming out experience. Stansell is unabashedly open about his experience as a LGBTQ country star and continues to open door for many artists wanting to break into the country community. Check out his beautiful single “Hometown” and where you can find him live on his official website HERE!

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