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The Wild Feathers Share Details On Latest Album 'Greetings from the Neon Frontier'

In our exclusive interview, The Wild Feathers discuss how their album 'Greetings from the Neon Frontier' came together.

Country rockers The Wild Feathers recently released their third studio album, Greetings From the Neon Frontier, which follows their experimental Lonely Is a Lifetime. According to the guys, their latest release was a unique experience, considering their sophomore album was written in between shows on the road, Greetings From the Neon Frontier was able to be written from the comfort of their home.

“We were doing the majority of that on the road. It wasn’t really us with acoustic guitars, sitting around leisurely on a summer afternoon. It was more like dressing rooms, onstage – whenever we could find time,” says singer-guitarist Ricky Young. “With this third one, we had a lot of time at home, we’d take turns going over to each other’s’ houses, writing around the porch, writing around the coffee table with our wives and kids around.”

Young adds, “We had a lot of time to reflect and take it all in, what we’ve been through the past four or five years. We got a little hindsight to set our aims in the future without doing some of those mistakes again, and to also up our game in certain areas,” Young says. Though he doesn’t elaborate on particulars, speaking instead of a need to break the routine, it’s clear the band was in need of a change. “2017 and touring on the second record wasn’t as fruitful as we’d have liked it to have been. You could point fingers, take the blame — it was a lot to swallow that year.”

For more on the guys latest album, check out the exclusive interview above!

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