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Brandon Stansell Discusses Single 'Hometown'

In our exclusive clip, the rising country star gives us insight into his emotional single "Hometown" and the story behind the lyrics.

Rising country artist Brandon Stansell is making a name for himself and he’s using some genuine talent and raw story telling to do so! His latest single “Hometown” is a song that really hits close to home, showcasing the hardships that often come when coming out to one’s family, but especially when not everyone is supportive. With such an emotional tune, we had to sit down with the budding star and learn the story behind the lyrics.

Stansell explained the inspiration behind “Hometown,” was based off his own coming out journey and the emotion you hear as well as see in the video are very real. As for why “Hometown” was such an essential story for him to tell, Stansell stressed that “visibility is important.”

“I’m a writer-singer of country music, and country music is all about story-telling,” he explained. “I’ve heard that my whole life. It really is the basis of what that genre is, but for the longest time that genre has told its LGBTQ singers-songwriters to not tell their story, to not be honest about who they are, and that’s not something I felt like that I could do.”

He continued: “I went through something that changed my life in a really dramatic way, and it is not a story that is unique to me. There are so many people who are LGBTQ, who are lovers of country music, who never hear their stories play out on the radio, they never see them play out on CMT, and it really makes for a very isolated and lonely feeling when that is the music that you love, but you never see yourself reflected in it. So I wanted to be a part of changing that.”

Check out our exclusive interview with Stansell above and watch the beautiful and emotional music video below!

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