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Shooter Jennings Shares His Worst Job

In this exclusive clip, Shooter Jennings talks about the craziest job he's ever had!

Shooter Jennings is just one of many musicians that has worked terrible or weird jobs before making it full-time as a musician. However, even as a full-time musician Jennings has been asked for favors that may have been less than savory. Check out the exclusive video above to find out what the strange request was!

Well, one job the country crooner is sure to be loving is his latest stint on the Netflix original show The Punisher, where he appears in the opening episode of the new Marvel series during a scene with a live band. To the excitement of Jennings' fans, they immediately noticed the crooner and shared the news to social media.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “One of my favorite things about the premiere of @ThePunisher... freaking @ShooterJennings is in it... A LOT! The great music in the episode alone makes it awesome!”

Here's hoping we see even more of Jennings in on-screen roles!

For more on Jennings, check out his official website HERE!

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