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Country Stars Reveal Their Favorite Christmas Presents They've Ever Received

In this exclusive clip, stars such as Lucas Hoge, Eric Paslay, Morgan Wallen and many more share the best gifts they've ever received during Christmas!

While Christmas may all be about family and celebration, we know presents can be an extra holiday treat. We asked your favorite artists “What was your favorite Christmas present you’ve ever received?” Watch them reveal their favorite gifts over the years!

Morgan Wallen got straight to the point and said “Cash, baby! Cash money!” India Ramey said “My first bicycle that my Grandaddy bought me.”

Levi Hummon told us “I got one of those hoverboards and I was pretty stoked about it.” Jenna Paulette, like many girls growing up said “My Felicity American Girl doll when I was eight. It was awesome, I still have her!” Cash Campbell had a short-lived experience. “I got an RC/remote control car and it was the most fun I’d ever had post Christmas,” he began. “I was driving it up the street next to my elementary school and a truck literally swerved out of his way just to run over it and it still makes me a little teary-eyed to this day.” Ouch! Ashley Campbell had exercise on the brain. “I got a Skip-It in my stocking. You know those plastic things that you put around your ankle and you could count how many times you could skip it!” she told us.

Trent Harmon said “I wanted a go kart for four Christmases and one Christmas my dad gave me a framed picture of the go kart that I wanted and I cried and I cried and then the go kart was in the yard.” We’re so glad he finally got it! Morgan Myles present took quite a turn. She reveals “The craziest present have I ever received was from my darling sister. She blew up a helium balloon and said ‘Morgan poos’ on it so when I took out the tissue it rose to the ceiling.” Asleep at the Wheel’s Katie Shore received a funny gift.  “Our old tour manager P.J. was my secret Santa and he gave me a wooden elephant from the Museum of Musical Instruments in Phoenix, and you blow through its butt and it’s a kazoo out the nose and it makes a little squeal,” she said. Lucas Hoge said “A trip to the horse and rider retreat up in Montana with Skip Ewing. I got to hang out with Skip and talk about riding and ride horseback through the Grand Tetons.” Very cool.

Eric Paslay mentioned “My grandmother helped me buy my first guitar amp and I still have it.” Szlachetka said “…first two guitar amplifiers. It was kind of like opening the floodgate to a lifelong quest of gear and tone. Dillon Carmichael told us “I got a microphone that I got to use myself when I was on stage performing.” Josh Abbott Band’s Preston Wait said “My wife bought me a Gibson Melody Maker guitar and that was awesome.” Then Austin Davis also chimed in with “When my mom got me my first banjo.” Tenille Arts told us “My very first guitar. My parents kind of combined it with birthday and Christmas.”

Finally, Morgan Evans told us about his early start in music. “I was like maybe six or something like that, and I got a toy electric guitar. It was this plastic blue terrible thing with literally wire instead of strings. But I remember my brother got a microphone stand and a microphone. Six years later we had real ones and we were in a band together, and I think that’s cool.” Wow, those gifts run quite the gamut! With that, we hope this year you’re as lucky as Morgan Evans and have better luck than Cash Campbell.

Watch the exclusive video above!

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