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Who Is Shooter Jennings Listening To? Find Out!

Shooter Jennings talks about some of his favorite artists you should be listening to. Get familiar with Scott H. Biram, Hellbound Glory, Andrew Pope, Aaron Vance and Jaime Wyatt!

Son of iconic country crooner Waylon Jennings, it’s no surprise Shooter Jennings knows good music. Jennings even has an entire radio show dedicated to promoting musicians he believes in called the Electric Rodeo show, which distributes a variety of genres from hard rock to country outlaw.

When it comes to the music he’s drawn to most, much of the country singer’s favorites come from musical friends he’s made over the years including Scott H. Biram, Hellbound Glory, Andrew Pope, Aaron Vance and Jaime Wyatt! According to Jennings, the time for singers and songwriters in the country genre have reached a golden hour and continue to expand their popularity with today’s musical trends.

“As far as songwriters and singers go, those are some good ones and there’s a lot of them popping up left and right now,” says Jennings, in reference to some of his favorite artists and the abundance of talented musicians out on the scene currently. “And especially after like, Sturgill [Simpson] and [Chris] Stapleton have done so well, people are getting inspired by that stuff and pursuing that stuff as opposed to what they think they’re supposed to do to get on the radio.”

Check out the video below to listen to some of Shooter Jennings favorite artists, we’re hoping you like them just as much as we did!

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