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Paul Cauthen Has A Tour Secret To Help Keep Things Fresh On Tour

Paul Cauthen's Tour Secret could save a tour bus or two, watch to find out what it is!

Paul Cauthen's tour secret holds a lot of truth for most of us and can serve as a good life lesson for those of us who have a hard time letting go of our old things. According to Cauthen, there's nothing worse than a tour bus full of old dirty socks and it's best to keep a large supply of fresh ones on hand. Never underestimate the importance of clean, fresh socks!

Aside from following the country singer's wise advice on keeping things clean, fans may also be interested to know more about his latest project, Have Mercy, especially his song writing process.

“This whole songwriting thing, man, you just get to a point where you rip your hair out. You’re like, ‘I can say it right now, I know what I want to fucking say, but I can’t fucking say it,'” says Cauthen. “I believe that’s where art, when our madness just about kicks in” – he whistles, a glimmer in his eye – “watch out, that’s where the true artist shines.”

Have Mercy‘s seven tracks will encourage it's listeners to reflect on life with love and joy, finding him leaning fully into a wild, unpredictable, and genuinely captivating persona.

And on his upcoming projects, “This EP is my glue from My Gospel to where this is going to move,” Cauthen says, hinting that he’s already planning to put out another release in February of next year. “It’s David Bowie put on his boots, went down to Austin and lived for two years kind of record," he says of February's promise.

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