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Trent Harmon's Advice On How A Performance Blunder Turned Into A Learning Moment

Trent Harmon shares some wise musical advice for all you musicians out there!

For all those out there that would consider themselves perfectionists, Trent Harmon's musical advice may be difficult for you to hear. According to this American Idol alum, music is not something you can ever perfect especially in a live setting.

Harmon didn’t originally believe his performances could consist of imperfections, but talking with someone a little wiser gave him some much needed perspective. The advice came to Harmon from a seasoned performer who said, "You're wrong young man, you're setting yourself up to be disappointed every night. If you can get a 90 or above that's 100. You can't do a song or a show and not have one mess up, it's human nature you're gonna mess up, but it's what you do right after that."

Check out the exclusive video above to learn more about Harmon's musical advice!

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