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Eric Paslay On What It's Like To Be A Touring Musician With Diabetes

In honor of Diabetes Awareness Month, Eric Paslay reveals what it's like to be a diabetic, touring musician on the road.

In honor of Diabetes Awareness Month, we decided to spotlight country star Eric Paslay who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 10. While the singer says that his disease has been manageable due to the support of his family, he also admits that being a traveling musician has occasionally been a challenge.

“As a kid I definitely had a few seizures. Having a really low blood sugar level, you wake up and you’re just like, ‘What happened?’ You just feel like a fool,” Paslay says. “It’s this delicate balance of keeping a good blood sugar level. And yeah, I’ve definitely had scary moments on stage where there’s been some random, mumbled, made-up words as I’m just searching for energy to stay awake.”

Paslay has partnered with Dexcom, which specializes in diabetes care and management by providing superior continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology and uses a continuous glucose monitoring system, is now able to see his blood sugar level reading every five minutes on his phone. So while the singer is performing and on stage his tour manager can know exactly where his levels are.

“I use a lot of energy – I’m up there anywhere from an hour to two hours and we always have a cup of orange juice up on stage,” says Paslay. “If I hit a certain level [my tour manager] will signal me to start sipping some OJ.”

Check out our exclusive interview with Paslay to learn even more on how he manages his Type 1 diabetes.

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