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Trent Harmon Once Worked As A Mascot For This Famous Snack Food

Trent Harmon once dressed up as a famous mascot for a cheesy snack, find out what it is!

Like many people who have made their way into the entertainment industry, Trent Harmon found creative ways to support himself while pursuing his passion for music.

Before fans discovered the soulful singer on the reality competition American Idol, Harmon had to work a few odd jobs and one in particular caught our attention. Have you ever loved a snack food so much, you wore a mascot uniform to help promote it? Well Harmon has, but likely not for the love of the snack food itself.

Check out the exclusive interview above and find out which cheesy outfit the country star had to wear during an interesting job opportunity! 

Want to see Trent Harmon live before the new year is up? Take a look at his upcoming gig on November 29, in Jacksonville, Florida at the Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts - Terry Theater.

For even more on the country singer, check out his official website HERE!

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