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How Clare Bowen Turned An Unexpected Injury Into A Journey To Stardom

Clare Bowen opens up about a serious injury during a performance that could have put a halt to her career.

Clare Bowen's rise to fame and country stardom may seem like an over night success, but the Nashville actress has been training and performing most of her life. 

After taking advice from both her brother and actress Cate Blanchett, with whom she worked in the Sydney Theatre Company's 2010 production of Spring Awakening, in late-2011 Bowen sold all her possessions and bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles to follow her dreams.

Bowen says, "Flying in and seeing all those lights and knowing I didn't know a single person in the city ... It was like, all right, there's no time to be lonely or scared or intimidated, you just have to do it, so go do it." 

Since then, Bowen landed a leading role on the hit show Nashville, which portrayed her as a budding country singer, and now, after concluding the shows sixth and final season, she is focused on making a music career a reality. Bowen recently released her self-titled debut album which touches upon most of her personal life from her cancer battle as a young girl to her journey into the entertainment industry. "I'm hoping I've written stories that other people can see their stories in," Bowen offers. "The whole point of my music is to let people know they're not alone."

Find Clare Bowen performing at the Tivoli, Brisbane, on October 3 and the Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne, on October 5.

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