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Clare Bowen's Favorite Tour Moment Is A Blessing

Clare Bowen finds a blessing when handing the mic off to fans during her live set, find out what it is!

Clare Bowen recently finished her role of Scarlett O’Connor in the long-running Country music drama Nashville, which just came to an end this summer, and is ready to start making her mark on the country music world as herself. Bowen has just released her debut album on August 31, and fans couldn't wait to listen to hits such as "Let It Rain" and "Little By Little."

In a recent interview, the country star discussed the making of her new album and how it felt to record music that was representative of herself rather than her character on Nashville.

"I think the main concept is it had to be me. It’s one of the reasons it took so long to write and I’m grateful that it did. We had to do everything between filming and it took five and a half years to get done. I’m glad it did because it was so important to make an album that was not a character, it had to be exactly me and the version of me that I have been for the past five and a half years, and there’s been a lot of change in that period of time. I just (wanted to) make something truthful and tell stories from my life and the lives of people that I love. I was just making sure it was me, even to the point that I’m going to let other people decide what kind of record it is. It fits with the Americana genre but there are so many different elements to it. In order to get it right that’s what I had to do."

Listen to Bowen's self-titled debut and check out the album's track list below:

Clare Bowen's Track Listing:

1. Let It Rain
2. Doors & Corridors
3. Tide Rolls In
4. Aves’ Song
5. All the Beds I’ve Made
6. Lullabye
7. Sweet William
8. Lijah & the Shadow
9. Little by Little
10. Grace of God & You
11. Warrior

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