Kacey Musgraves Joins Zac Brown Band on 'All The Best'


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  • April 20, 2017

Zac Brown Band, along with some help from Kacey Musgraves, are returning to their roots on their latest album, Welcome Home. Musgraves will be featured on the group's rendition of John Prine's hit “All the Best," from his 1991 album The Missing Years.

In a recent Instagram post, ZBB shared a behind the scenes look into their collaboration with Mugraves, which featured frontman Brown, Musgraves and the band’s John Driskell Hopkins cutting the classic tune in the studio. ZBB captioned the post “A little glimpse into our time recording "All The Best.” So fortunate to have Kacey Musgraves (@spaceykacey) join us on an old favorite. #AllTheBestFriday, 4/21.″ Musgraves also shared a post of her own captioned, ““I had SO much fun singin' on one of my favorite old @john_prine songs on the new @zacbrownband record. Zac – thanks for always being so kind and supportive to me."

Catch a sneak peak into ZBB's rendition of “All The Best" with Musgraves in the clip below:

In an interview with Rolling Stone Country, Brown says, when it came to recording “All The Best," the experience as surprisingly smooth. "All the Best" was one of the songs the now-eight-piece band recorded for Welcome Home in just “one solid take,” says Brown, adding, “We just went into the studio and captured what we do. Normally, we have pre-production for a week, and we work out all the harmonies then. We just did it on the spot this time.”

Brown also explains that the group wanted to bring the record Welcome Home back to the basics. "We went back to being very minimalistic,“ Brown told Rolling Stone Country of the upcoming LP, produced by Dave Cobb. "I feel like something happened to me when we were recording Jekyll + Hyde, where we cleaned the white board creatively. We got to experiment. We got to go all over the map, from rock to electronic songs. Now, I’m able to do all my experimental things with Sir Rosevelt [Brown’s funked-up side project from last year] and it’s helped me get down to the basics of what ZBB started out as, which was very much a singer-songwriter type of approach. That’s really what the rest of this album is.”

Zac Brown Band's Welcome Home Tour hits MerleFest in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, April 30, with upcoming dates scheduled through the fall.

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