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10 Reasons Why We Love Miranda Lambert


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  • November 09, 2018

With Lambert’s birthday right around the corner, we came up with a list of reasons we are obsessed with this artist!

Written by: Raquel Walder. Above Photo: Kevin Mazur, Getty Images

For years now, Miranda Lambert has topped the country music charts and remained a fan favorite in the country realm! The talented singer-songwriter is humble, kind, funny, relatable and we can’t help but want to follow her career every step of the way. With Lambert’s birthday right around the corner, November 10, and the release of the highly anticipated Pistol Annies third studio album, we came up with a list of reasons we are obsessed with this artist!

1) Miranda Lambert Twists Her Pain Into Clever Girl Power Anthems!

A single from Pistol Annies’ Interstate Gospel, “Got My Name Changed Back” is lead by Lambert and the perfect response to what many would consider a difficult time in anyones life. Referencing her divorce from country star Blake Shelton, the song is a hip-popping tune that, instead of crying over her past relationship, serves as a strong and powerful message of moving forward.

Check out the “Got My Name Changed Back” video below:

2) Miranda Lambert Is A True Horse Loving Cowgirl

This country queen is truly in touch with her roots and not afraid to flaunt it. Lambert is one of our favorites because this girl doesn’t just sing about cowboys and horses, but really lives the lifestyle. The country star loves her ponies and often takes to her instagram to share photos and videos featuring her beautiful animals.

3) Miranda Lambert’s Not Afraid To Make Fun Of Herself 

We all have old school photos we would rather our friends and family not see, but Lambert isn’t afraid to share her awkward photos with all of her fans. While she may not have been a star on the volleyball court back in her 8th grade days, she sure is a star today on country music stages around the world! 

4) Miranda Lambert Still Owns Her First Truck (It’s name is Tammy, like Tammy Wynette) 

Speaking of high school days, the singer-songwriter still owns her first high school vehicle! Lambert got her first truck when she was just 17 and named it Tammy after the famous Tammy Wynette! While she may not need to drive her old truck now, she still holds on to it due to sentimental value! 


Artist: Miranda Lambert. Photo: www.autoloandaily.com

5) Miranda Lambert Owns 16 Rescue Animals!

We love the truck in the photo above, but what we love even more is seeing Lambert alongside all of the animals she cares so deeply about. The “Weight of These Wings” singer is passionate about the welfare of animals and has even taken it upon herself to adopt 16 rescue animals!  

6) Miranda Lambert Started A Non-Profit That Helps Prevent Animal Abuse

The organization, MuttNation, was founded in 2007 and helps raise funds and awareness for a worthy cause across the nation. Since it’s beginning, MuttNation has provided support for shelters in all 50 states, has put on adoption drives and has helped provide emergency disaster relief for animals in need. In addition to this, there is an annual benefit concert that Miranda has performed at for fans and animal lovers multiple times! Check out the full website HERE

7) Miranda Lambert’s Humble Roots Have Helped Shaped Her As An Artist

This country star was not always living a glamorous lifestyle, and even experienced homelessness as a child. Due to her humble past, Lambert has made an effort to always be sensitive to those in need and give back where she is able to. She is extremely composed and kind-hearted, making her one of the celebrities we want to be just like! 

Growing up without much, Lambert got extremely close with her family and gives credit to them for helping her start off her career and for being by her side throughout it all. We love this photo of her and her dad back when she first got her start on Nashville Star

8) Miranda Lambert Is One Of The Most Talented Singer-Songwriters In The Business

The country sensation has set the record for most consecutive ACM female vocal wins and continues to impress us every time she puts out something new. We’re already listening to the Pistol Annie’s new album Interstate Gospel on repeat! The full album is available on all major platforms including Apple Music and Spotify. 

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