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Review: Kip Moore’s After The Sunburn Tour


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  • November 05, 2018

Check out our full review of Kip Moore's tour stop in Los Angeles, California!

Written by: MegaCountry Staff. Above Photo: Amiee Stubbs, MegaCountry

Country music sensation Kip Moore took center stage Friday night, November 2, at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, California during his After The Sunburn Tour. Kicking the night off with his single “Crazy One More Time,” the only spotlight on stage focused on Moore and his guitar, making the singer quite literally the venue’s center of attention. As he dove further and further into the song, the crowd’s energy seemed to increase as well, and this was just the beginning of the night! Without saying a word, Moore transitioned to Slowheart’s title track “Sunburn,” which of course, the audience new every word too.

Soon after “Sunburn,” the melody of “Beer Money” filled the room, followed by an emphatic Moore tempting the crowd the start things off, “C’mon you all know the words.” A thunderous group of voices took over the first two verses of the song before Moore swooped in and showed us how it’s really done. The “Plead the Fifth” singer didn’t plant himself onstage all night however. During his performances of “Just Another Girl,” and “I’m to blame,” Moore left his guitar behind and made his way into the crowd. Singing and dancing while hugging and high-fiving fans, the country star showcased some serious love for his devoted audience.

Just as we thought the concert couldn’t get any better, Moore revealed he was about to play a track from his album Wild Ones, specially dedicated to a fan who had traveled a long way to be at his show that night. Once again, Moore took center stage solo with his acoustic guitar and began strumming “Magic”: not so ironically a truly magical performance! 

And then of course, to end the night, or so we thought, Moore brought out the big guns and performed his hit “Somethin’ About A Truck” with his fans. The country sensation was so deep in the crowd singing along with his fans, it easily could have felt like each person’s individual show. Disappointed the night was over, fans began yelling, “encore, encore encore,” and that’s when Moore returned and played his underground track “Separate Ways,” before saying goodbye and parting ways with the crowd.

But of course, the show would have not been complete without the opening performances by Jordan Davis and Jillian Jacqueline. Jacqueline kicked off the night, with her 4-song set and pumped up the crowd like no other. With performances of her tracks “Reasons,” and “Priorities,” Jacqueline showed the audience her true talent as an artist. Next came on Jordan Davis and the crowd went wild. Performing his hits “Take It From Me,” and “Singles You Up,” the energy in the audience was infectious. Davis and Jacqueline were the perfect artists to get the audience hyped up for Kip Moore and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the tour has in store.

For more on Kip Moore and his headlining tour, check out his official website HERE!

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