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Maren Morris Performs New Song From Upcoming Album


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  • October 30, 2018

A little something to hold us over as we await Maren Morris's highly anticipated sophomore album!

Maren Morris has been slowly but surely teasing her upcoming sophomore album. Affectionally known as MM2, Morris has shared that vocals are fully recorded for the project. This weekend, Morris took a huge step and performed a beautiful new song at her show.

“To Hell and Back” chronicles a love that is honest and unafraid of the past. Likely about her relationship with Ryan Hurd, Morris lovingly sings, “You didn’t save me, you didn’t think I needed saving / You didn’t change me, you didn’t think I needed changing / My wings are frayed and what’s left of my halo’s black / But lucky for me your kind of heaven has been to hell and back.”

Morris shared a clip of the song on Instagram and fans posted more videos of the new tune on Twitter. Watch both below:

Other favorite lyrics from the song include “Now heartbreak ain’t a competition, but I took it in a landslide” and “you say a pearl without the pressure wouldn’t be a pearl at all / When my demons come calling, you don’t even bat an eye.”

This song shows what Morris is known for doing best: her ability to be real and honest, while telling the meaningful story of her life and love. She feels no need to make everything glamorous and it’s what makes her so relatable and loved by fans.

“To Hell and Back” is not the first song we’ve heard from MM2. Morris has been opening her shows with “The Feels,” an upbeat track anticipated to be on the album. Watch a video of her performing the song below.

We’re ready for the album whenever you are, Maren! Until then, we will have these clips on repeat.

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