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10 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Made Easy

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  • October 29, 2018

These DIY costume ideas are perfect for the procrastinator in all of us!

Written by: Rachel Weisenthal. Above Photo: rawpixel.com from Pexels

Halloween is sneaking up again! If you’re like us, a costume was the last thing on your mind, but in only the blink of an eye, the holiday was only a few days away. However, fear not friends for some of the most adorable and photogenic costumes can be thrown together in no time at all. 

The following costumes can be comprised with just a few things you probably already have in your closet or at a local Halloween pop-up. Whether you’re looking for yourself, little ones or for a big group, we’ve got options for you!

1) DIY Scarecrow

This super quick and cute costume can be thrown together with a few specific items from your room and makeup bag! With only a flannel shirt, jeans and some cute boots, you’ve got the outfit down! And it only requires crayon eyeliner or face paint, and a little extra blush or eyeshadow. Added flair if you have a straw or felt hat and can find some hay to have peeking out of your boots or jeans.

Find specific instructions for this adorable costume HERE!


Photo: DIY Scrawcrow Costume, thejoyoffashionblog.com

2) Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash

What better homage to country music than to dress up with your significant other as icons Johnny Cash and June Carter. This couple has marched through time proudly to the beat of their own drum, and rarely, if ever, succumbed to artistic norms. From June’s trendsetting pastel blue wedding dress, to the timeless and historical art they created together, this is the perfect costume for the most ambitious of couples.

See this and more amazing costume ideas HERE!


Photo: Johnny Cash and June Carter Costume, brit.co

3) Beanie Babies

Spice up the typical animal costume and get a group together to dress up as beanie babies! The endless options mean the more the merrier, all anyone needs are the items required to portray their animal, some red and white construction paper and some string and tape. This is perfect for a big group that doesn’t want to exclude anyone, and the larger variety of beanie babies, the greater the overall look!

Get some beanie baby costume inspiration HERE!


Photo: Beanie Baby Costume, laughinglatte.com

4) Jason Aldean and/or Luke Bryan

While this look is particularly adorable on these two young boys, it can easily be transformed into a great costume for the Jason Aldean or Luke Bryan fan of any age. All you need is a black marker to recreate their respective tattoos, and some clothes you don’t mind cutting to get that ‘country bad boy’ look just right!

5) Hot Sauce Bottle

If you are as passionate about your hot sauce as you are about waiting till the last minute to think of a Halloween costume, this is the one for you. Made with easily accessible garments, a printer and some tape, you can throw together a fun and good looking costume in no time. Not to mention one that speaks to your spicy personality!

There’s even more unique and easy costume ideas HERE!


Photo: Hot Sauce Bottle Costume, flawssy.com

6) Willie Nelson

If you’ve got long hair, you’re already halfway to an awesome Willie Nelson get-up. Recreate those iconic braids with a red bandana tied around your forehead, and all that’s left is the outfit. With a black t-shirt, jeans and some red white and blue accents, this costume will give major nostalgia feels for any fan of the Red Headed Stranger.

Find specific costume directions HERE!


Photo: Willie Nelson Costume, carboncostume.com

7) Pop Art Paintings

If you’re a whiz at makeup, face paint or the like, you’ll find putting this costume together to be so much fun! With plenty of room to get creative and personalize your look, you can go as full out or sweet and simple as you’d like. Grab a few friends and give them a variation of your look for an even fuller pop art picture.

8) Rosie the Riveter 

Ever the American icon, this famous image was portrayed on the government issued posters distributed during the second World War in honor of the women working in factories and shipyards. This has been a celebrity favorite for Halloween costumes, from Miranda Lambert to Beyoncé, it seems as though all our favorite leading ladies have donned this look year or another.

9) Wednesday Addams

If you’re the type to savor the spooky side of Halloween, you might find your perfect costume from cult classic, The Addams Family. Middle daughter Wednesday is famous for her two black braids, always wearing a black dress over a white collared shirt and her perpetually blank expression.


Photo: Wednesday Adams DIY Costume, pinterest.com

10) Cactus Cutie

Cactuses have most definitely been having a moment in recent years, it seems everywhere you look there’s something for sale adorned with a cartoon or watercolor cactus. Translate all that popularity into a super simple yet creative costume. All you need is a green dress or matching top and bottoms to strategically hot glue tan or white folded pipe cleaners to create the look of needles. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, feel free to make yourself a pink flower from construction paper or anything fun you can find at your craft store.


Photo: Cactus Cutie Costume, pinterest.com

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