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Shawn Mendes Teams Up With Zac Brown Band For CMT Crossroads


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  • October 25, 2018

The pop singer partnered with Zac Brown Band during CMT Crossroads for performances of “In My Blood” and “Keep Me In Mind”!

It’s official: Shawn Mendes loves country music. Before teaming up with Zac Brown Band for CMT Crossroads, Mendes told Rolling Stone about his love for the band, as well as the genre as a whole, even giving a shoutout to Hunter Hayes.

Growing up in the suburbs of Toronto, Mendes shares that country music was actually what he was exposed to most, “Growing up in the suburbs, country music was a huge, massive thing. People listened to country more than anything when I was a kid.”

Mendes’ first personal experience with Zac Brown Band was before one of their concerts in Toronto, when he was invited to go onto their bus. He remembers joining in on their jam session, “ I came onto the bus, and Zac and the whole band were having a jam session singing in four-part harmony with tons of guitars. They were like, ‘Take a seat. Grab a guitar! Play!’ And I was like, ‘Whoa! Like, this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m terrified to play.’”

As for Mendes’ favorite Zac Brown Band song? “’Colder Weather’ just breaks my heart every time I hear it.”

But Mendes does not just love Zac Brown Band, he loves a wide range of Country Music. In fact, he cites Hunter Hayes as having one of his favorite songs, “’I Want Crazy’ is not just my favorite country song, but is one of my favorite three songs of all time… it was just this song that — it’s a really country-pop fusion.”

Mendes even thinks that the divide between his music and country music is not as wide as some may think, “It’s so close, and that’s why it’s amazing. I mean, good music and good story and a good feeling is what makes up good songs, and there’s no genre behind that.” We couldn’t agree more.

If you weren’t able to tune-in to CMT Crossroads last night, watch their performances of “In My Blood” and “Keep Me In Mind” below!

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