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MegaPick: Jimmie Allen, ‘Mercury Lane’


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  • October 19, 2018

The fifteen-track LP showcases Allen's roots and is named after the street he grew up on!

Jimmie Allen’s debut album, Mercury Lane, is here and we can’t get enough. The fifteen-track LP showcases the “Best Shot” singer’s roots, named after the street he grew up on.

Allen is making sure to soak up every moment of the whirlwind he’s been riding with his music beginning to soar, “It feels like everything is happening all at once and it’s an incredible feeling to be able to share this with everybody—it makes me even more motivated to keep grinding and give my everything to music.”

Reflecting on the importance of Mercury Lane on shaping his life, Allen shares, “Life on Mercury Lane shaped me into the dreamer, the believer of love, the hard worker and chance taker that I am today and I credit those values and ideals that were instilled in me by my family and life in Milton, for helping me make this dream come true.”

Allen didn’t just give fans a look into his upbringing on the album. He also released a mini-series on YouTube called “Jimmie Allen All In.” Watch the first video of the series below:

Allen’s lead single, “Best Shot,” was inspired by wanting to be better each day. He told Billboard, “We wanted to write a song about taking each day as an opportunity to be better for a person you have in your life. I have a [four-year-old] son, so for me, every day is an opportunity to be a better dad. I have siblings that look up to me, so the fear of them giving up on their dream because I gave up on mine is what kept me going for so many years. Ash was like, ‘why don’t we just strip everything back to where people can focus on your voice and what you’re saying’” We went in, and you have the version you have now.”

Watch the personal music video for “Best Shot” below and get Mercury Lane everywhere HERE.

Mercury Lane Track Listing:

  1. American Heartbreaker (Jimmie Allen, Lance Miller, Chris Stevens, Ash Bowers)
  2. Make Me Want To (Allen, Paul Sikes, Jennifer Denmark)
  3. Deserve to Be (Allen, Danielle Blakey, Tripp Howell)
  4. How to Be Single (Natalie Hemby, Shane McAnally, Jimmy Robbins)
  5. Wait for It (Bowers, Thom McHugh, Steve Williams)
  6. High Life (Lance Miller, Brett Warren, Brad Warren, Chris Stevens)
  7. 21 (Brandon Hood, Josh Jenkins, Bowers)
  8. Underdogs (Bowers, Brandon Lay, Jonathan Singleton)
  9. Like You Do (Allen, JP Williams, Josh London, Jason Mizell)
  10. Back of Your Mind (Allen, Matthew McVaney, Devin Tolentino)
  11. Boy Gets a Truck (Bowers, Aaron Scherz)
  12. County Lines (Brett Tyler, Ben Burgess, Matt Dragstrem)
  13. Best Shot (Allen, London, JP Williams)
  14. Warrior (Allen, Casey Beathard, Bowers)
  15. All Tractors Ain’t Green (Allen, Hood, Tim Nichols)

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