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Garth Brooks Announces Multi-Year Stadium Tour


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  • October 17, 2018

During a press conference, Brooks revealed that he will be hitting 10-12 cities each year for three years!

After recently concluding a 3 year touring stint, Garth Brooks has announced plans for a multi-year stadium tour!

During a press conference held today, October 17, Brooks told the media members in attendance that he will be hitting 10-12 cities each year for three years. The first two stops will be The Dome at America’s Center St. Louis, Missouri, and State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, though no dates or sale dates have been revealed yet. The country star also alluded to a stop at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts, as well as a stop somewhere in Texas.

“I wanted to call it the ‘big-ass stadium tour’, but they voted me down on that one,” Brooks joked. “This is the most time I’ve ever put into anything … All the logistics of it is a step up for me.” The country sensation also that he will announce the first five of his stadium tour stops before Christmas. The decision to announce the shows in 2018, Brooks explains, was all about making attending the show easier on fans, “They were [asking if] they could know about it a little bit more ahead of time, so they can plan their trips,” he says. Brooks add, “This one is going to be so special, so rare, so far beyond the bounds of what we’ve done.”

Openers are also to be announced, "Opening acts are wide open,” he commented. “That stage should belong to people that love song and are great entertainers. And we’ve got a lot of young ones here. I can think of five guys in my head right now.” He added that he likes the idea of giving a younger artist a chance to step into a large arena: “You wanna take out an Ashley McBryde, someone like that – a singer-songwriter kind of artist, but watch what she does in a stadium. She just shrinks it. Those are the good entertainers.”

On Saturday, October 20, Brooks will make history at the Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Indiana, being the first artist to ever perform at the venue. “This was not a planned thing,” Brooks admitted during his press conference. “We were supposed to take a whole year off,” but because of the Notre Dame show, “We saw it as a blueprint of what could be.”

We’ll keep you updated on more news on Garth Brooks’ upcoming stadium tour!

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