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Kacey Musgraves & Ruston Kelly - Romance Review


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  • October 12, 2018

We’re celebrating a year of Kacey & Ruston Kelly with a brief timeline of their romance!

Kacey Musgraves has had one hell of a year! Not only has the country sensation toured with Harry Styles, but her fourth studio album Golden Hour has received high praise from both fans and critics alike, along with multiple nominations across several award shows. To top it all off, Musgraves is celebrating her first anniversary being married to fellow artist, Ruston Kelly on October 14!

Having the benefit of getting to watch some of their love story play out in public, it’s safe to say that as Kacey and Ruston were falling for each other, we were falling for them as well. And, even luckier for us, the couple has been generous enough to let us into some of their more personal moments, from the story of how they met to their stunning fall Tennessee woodland wedding. With their one-year wedding anniversary right on the horizon, we’re celebrating a year of Kacey & Ruston Kelly with a brief timeline of their romance. Here’s to the everlasting union of two of music’s brightest songbirds!

A Chance Meeting

As it seems to always go, the country starlet wasn’t “looking to date” when she met her future husband. “I decided to go to the Bluebird one night for a writers’ round, which I never do because it’s so touristy,” she recounts in a July 2018 interview with Hits Daily Double. Note for the non-Nashvillians, the Bluebird Café is a legendary club famous for its’ remarkable writers rounds. “I didn’t go with anyone, and I was sitting by myself at a table. Ruston played his first song, and I was just stunned by everything in it—the words, the melody, what he was saying. I was just sitting at this table, crying.” 

In another uncharacteristic move for her, Musgraves was compelled to introduce herself to him, “Hey, I don’t really ever do this, but here’s my number; I really wanna write with you.” Flash forward from their March 2016 meeting to the date they had finally nailed down for a write, May 11. A fateful day indeed, the songwriter explains their first “date” with only the beauty and imagery she could. “The second Ruston walked into my house, I felt like Dorothy when the colorized part happens in The Wizard of Oz. We didn’t even write a song. We just talked, and talked, and talked. He didn’t leave until like 3am. It was the easiest, most natural thing in the world—and I didn’t want it to stop.”


Once the two found each other, they never looked back. Only months after meeting, they knew they had found a home in one another, illustrated by the caption on a photo Kacey posted of the two in July, relatively early in their relationship, “with all the craziness that is plaguing the world it feels nice to have a little bit of quiet land to come home to and rest my heart.” 

The newfound stability fostered incredible works of art. Known for writing stories from others perspectives, Kacey was asked if her husband had any impact on the deviation from her typical style on latest album Golden Hour. She responded, “I’m living in a much more positive light now. It’s maybe opened my heart a little. And I realized maybe I’ve been a little over-[self] protected. Maybe I can let loose a little more, trust more in the songs, what I have at home and out here.” Needless to say, it wasn’t long before Kelly popped the big question, in an incredibly thoughtful and sweet display in her childhood bedroom, surrounded by loved ones, during Christmas break. The caption of an Instagram photo Musgraves posted of her brand new engagement ring says it all, “I didn’t say yes…I said HELL YESSSS!! Last night, the best man I’ve ever met got down on one knee in my little pink childhood home, in the same room I played with my ponies and barbies and asked me the easiest question I’ve ever been asked. ❤I finally know what everyone means when they say “you just know”.

Woodland Wedding

Their wedding was reflective of the couple itself, intimate, family-oriented, and anchored by nature. In her own words, the bride recalled, “Saturday, in a sacred place where two rivers meet and join together, I married my best friend, barefoot and surrounded by the deepest kind of magic and love that exists. I’ve never felt so tranquil and happy. We made our promises to each other under the trees and then drank and danced into the night. We couldn’t have done any of it without the help of our wonderful families and amazing friends.” The groom added that it embodied, “The best kind of magic. Best day of my life.”

The photographs show the whimsical wedding we dreamed that Kacey Musgraves would have. Complete with bio-degradable confetti, a photo trailer, and a grassy aisle, the small gathering had less than 100 guests and only one bridesmaid and groomsman, their sister and brother respectively. Our favorite feature? The photos of family members that adorned the wall above the guest book table. See some of the beauty for yourself in these photos posted on Marth Stuart Weddings HERE.

The Release of Golden Hour

In the same thought from the Hits Daily Double interview quoted earlier, the artist elaborates on how meeting the love of her life changed her entirely, and therefore her music. “I’ve never had love songs or relationship songs. I write about other things, other people’s stories or perspectives. When you’re with someone you truly love to the core and they feel that way about you, there’s no sense of panic—or that it’s going to come apart.” All one would have to do is listen to the album in its entity to hear all the impact Ruston has had on its’ creator. Later, she reiterates, “I love love. So much I’ve never expressed it inwardly in the songs. Now that I’m with someone who loves me no matter what my flaws are, it’s a whole other thing. And you see it even more clearly.” 

That support from Ruston radiates, ahead of Golden Hour’s release he told his Instagram followers, “There is nothing more attractive than someone continually striving to master their craft. Allowing your creative output to evolve synonymously with who and where you are in your life is essential to the artist who gives a shit about the quality of their platform. But when surrounded by a popular musical climate that encourages complacency and awards the mediocre, it is truly a brave feat. Ever the does-what-she-fucking-wants creative woman, she knows what’s up. As a comrade, I strongly champion this new wonderful work.” Talk about a supportive spouse!

Collaborating on “To June, This Morning”

The newlyweds had the opportunity to participate in an homage to icon Johnny Cash through a project titled, Forever Words. Kelly once posted on his Instagram sharing with his followers, “Last night [Kacey] and I sang “To June, This Morning,” a poem written by Johnny Cash in 1970. I had started to put music to this 12 years ago and forgot about it. Kacey and I revisited it recently and finished it in like 6 seconds. Finding the love of your life can make words like that come alive. It will be released on the upcoming “Forever Words” project featuring several artists singing Johnny Cash poems. We feel um VERY LUCKY.” 

In an incredible interview with Rolling Stone Country, the only son of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash expressed his appreciation that Kelly brought the song to his attention, according to the interview “having seen it himself in a memorabilia book while he was a teenager.” He goes further to comment, “Here’s a young couple running parallel lives with where my mother and father were. In that vibrant, excited point where there is all that hope.” And that there is plenty of, just watch the video they released to accompany the music, the two are full of love for each other.

The Release of Dying Star

6 months following his new wife’s fourth studio album release, Ruston Kelly celebrated the September 7 release of his debut album, Dying Star. And like his wife, finding the love of his life had a monumental impact on him as an artist and his craft, and discussed this earlier this year in an interview with Sounds Like Nashville, “She really helped me pick up some of those pieces and remind me that what I’m doing is important and to understand what I need to do to pick myself back up.” He calls her “that classic receptive feminine force in a man’s life.” Adding that they bonded over “talking about art and music and also doing things the way you were meant to do them and not being apologetic whatsoever about it.”

Now that doesn’t surprise us.

While we’re only able to highlight a few of the major public moments from this power couple, we know there are countless we’ve missed and even more to come. We patiently await the numerous artistic benefits the union of two super-songwriters brings. With both artists busy promoting their latest releases, they are forced to spend most of that time apart, something they understood from the start. Kacey is currently out on her Oh What a World Tour, spanning Norway to the UK before traversing the US. 

As for Kelly? He’s playing a number of fun festivals and shows over the coming months, some tickets to which are available HERE

We’d like to congratulate one of our favorite country music couples one last time on a blissful first year of marriage, and toast many more to come. Please, do continue keep us in the loop!

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