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Thomas Rhett & Lauren Akins: 10 Times They Made Us Believe In Love


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  • October 12, 2018

This year, the duo is celebrating their 6th anniversary and we came up with a list of our top 10 favorite moments of the adorable couple!

One of country fans favorite couples is Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins. From their early days dating as college kids, to becoming world-wide stars with booming careers, the couple has been together through all of their triumphs! 

Both Thomas and Lauren grew up in Valdosta, Georgia and became friends while attending church camp together. The two dated briefly in high school but eventually decided to just be best friends and both dated other people. When Lauren’s serious relationship came to an end, however, Thomas seized his opportunity and revealed his true feelings. The young couple rekindled their romance and wed in 2012 at just 22 years old! This year, the duo is celebrating their 6 year anniversary and we came up with a list of our top 10 favorite moments of the adorable couple! From their cute pics on instagram to their heartwarming music videos together, how could you not be obsessed with this amazing duo. 

One of our favorite moments of the country couple is when the “Die A Happy Man” music video was released! Not only are the lyrics the cutest thing we have ever heard, but the video makes you feel as if you’re really watching a couple fall in love. From walks in a cynic forest to drinking wine under the stars, the video makes us all want a relationship this dreamy. 

Check out the full video below:

Not only are these two sweet to one another, they have also given back and made an effort to support and promote organizations they care about. In 2016, the couple went to Africa and was active on social media in promoting an organization that helps endangered wildlife.

Check out the promotional social media post below: 

Another important milestone for the couple was when they announced the arrival of their two adorable kids! Not only did they decide to adopt, but Lauren was also pregnant. The Rhett family took to instagram to share the exciting news with the world and the fans, of course, went crazy. 

During her pregnancy, the couple was just as cute as ever and Lauren looked absolutely stunning! The duo shared vacation photos on their social media and were smiling ear to ear in the clear blue water. Lauren was absolutely radiant as she looked so happy to have her baby coming into the world soon. 

One of the best things about Thomas and Lauren is that they don’t take themselves too seriously. They aren’t afraid to use funny filters and goof around and this young at heart energy is bound to make them amazing parents. We have love watching the dynamic duo joke around and always appreciate to see their silly photos! 

Check out one of their adorable pics here! 

In addition to their silly photos, the two aren’t afraid to indulge in their nerdy side! The couple took a visit to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios Orlando and looked cute as ever. With foam mustaches and Lauren sporting a Gryffindor tie, it’s great to see some fellow fans of the Wizarding World. We love watching celebs who feel like they could be our best friends, and this couple does that so well by posting things that feel so relatable! 

Though they are pretty cute on their own, our favorite content is with the whole Rhett family. The country singer released his single, “Life Changes,” which talks about the enviable ups and downs of life and heavily features his budding family. As if the song wasn’t adorable enough, Rhett took to instagram to show some behind the scenes moments of his family on the road with him. 

To help announce the music video, the singer posted the teaser below, making us even more anxious for the forthcoming music video! 

The duo has always been so supportive of one another and we love watching them cheer each other on. While Thomas has much more of a public career, that doesn’t stop him from showing some support to his equally hard working counter part. The country sensation has taken to social media many times to show his love for Lauren, even posing with a giant cut out of her face! 

Last but not least, the two aren’t afraid to put on costumes and just have fun! Just recently, the country couple relived the 90s as they posed in full crimped hair and pigtails and a full pinstriped suit, taking inspiration from a “little bit of Wilson Phillips & Destiny’s Child!” We love that they aren’t afraid to let loose and share their awesome couple costume ideas with their fans. 

For more couple goal moments, check out both Lauren and Thomas’ Instagrams and make sure to look at the artists upcoming tour dates HERE

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