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Reasons We Love Eric Church


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  • October 05, 2018

In honor of the North Carolina native’s sixth studio album, we dug up some of the best Eric Church moments!

In honor of the North Carolina native’s sixth studio album, we dug up some of the best Eric Church moments since he entered the country music scene over 10 years ago. Desperate Man was released today, October 5, and it has all the genre-defying, sometimes country, sometimes rock, sometimes who knows, that we’ve come to expect and love.

See why we love Eric Church in the list below:

1)   Because no matter how many accolades he receives, he remains humble and grateful for his fan base, family and friends.


2)   When two months ago he gave us a taste of what was to come this October, followed shortly by a captivating music video for his sixth albums’ title track and lead single, “Desperate Man.” And that’s not to mention the little bit of trouble Church found himself in after releasing the video a day early to his fan club.

3)   That his iconic sunglasses look has a practical origin (skip ahead to 0:30 for the specific anecdote in the artists own words) but we’ll sum it up as concern over his prescriptions contacts under bright stage lights.

4)   For the charity he started with his wife, Chief Cares. The primary goal of which is to help anyone in need. They work closely with other major philanthropies from Genesis Global to the Nashville Humane Association to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The couple sees no need to discriminate in how or where they can be of assistance.

Check out the official website HERE!

5)   He’s unapologetically true to himself, and credits that for where he is today. In a 2016 interview with Vulture, Church gave some insight into why high charting radio hits are not the goal for him, but are sometimes an unexpected benefit, ““Smoke a Little Smoke” wasn’t even a top-15 hit. “Homeboy” was not what you would call a radio hit. But these are the songs that are a must at the show. When we put a song out, it’s not just because we’re trying to see what radio will do. It’s because I think it’s an important song.”

6)   For all the passion he puts into performing live, then, now and always. Perfectly exemplified in this 2016 performance at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.

7)   Because he and his wife, Katherine Blasingame, a music publisher herself, are too adorable to verbalize. Not only are they the parents to two amazing little boys, they can discuss Church’s career with fluency. In an interview with Taste of Country, Church explained further the dynamic between the spouses, “It’s great now, because being a publisher and being somebody in the industry, I can bounce songs off of her, and she has the knowledge, you know, to be kind of that sounding board of what I should cut and what I shouldn’t cut. So, she’s one of those in the inner circle that I run a lot of stuff by.”

Artist: Eric Church and wife Katherine. Photo: Rick Diamond, Getty Images

8)   When he inadvertently gave Taylor Swift her big break. While transitioning off the Rascal Flats tour as an opening act in 2011, he spoke to the new, young singer-songwriter who was to take his place when she called him on the phone. According to Church, he told Taylor, “This is your crowd; they’re going to love you. You’re going to owe me your first gold record.” And although it was clear to both artists that he was kidding, when Swift got her first gold record, she did exactly that.

9)  Eric Church’s Hall of Fame Exhibit. Be sure to look for the very record we mentioned above, which was among the artifacts of his career on display. Also included? Those legendary sunglasses, some of his signature leather, as well as some of the garb worn in his music videos throughout the years, and even gifts from some of country music’s greatest, like a necklace from Hank Williams Jr or a note from George Strait.

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