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Brad Paisley To Open Free Grocery Store In Nashville


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  • October 04, 2018

The Paisleys are opening a free grocery store for people in Nashville who have fallen on hard times.

Brad Paisley, known for his heart of gold, has embarked on a new project with his wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley. The Paisleys are opening a free grocery store for people in Nashville who have fallen on hard times. The grocery, which will open next to Belmont University, is aptly called, The Store.

The Store will partner with Second Harvest Food Bank, Belmont University, and more local organizations to serve over 3,000 people each year.

In an interview with the Tennessean, the Paisley explains the mission behind The Store, “This is a grocery store with dignity for people who have fallen on hard times. All of us are one unforeseen disaster away from rock bottom. It’s nice to think about a place where when that happens to someone, they can use it to get back on their feet.”

Pete Fisher, CEO of the Academy of Country Music, continues, ““A lot of times when people fall on tough times, they don’t need a lifeline for a lifetime, they just need a bridge and the store affords those families a dignified way to cross that bridge and achieve that self-sufficiency.” Fisher will serve as a co-chair of The Store’s board of trustees.

After visiting The Unity Shoppe in Santa Barbara, CA with their children, who were acting spoiled one Thanksgiving, the Paisleys had the idea to bring the model to Nashville, “It was inspiring because these people have dignity. It’s not a scene from ‘Oliver Twist.’ These people are able to sit there and feel very, very normal in the eyes of their kids. I remember … thinking, ‘Why isn’t this everywhere?’ Essentially, we got this idea that it could be a very effective thing in Nashville.”

One of the elements that sets The Store apart is that it will not just be a spot for groceries. There will be a toy aisle during the holidays for families to get presents for their children and year round job training, hoping to prepare their visitors for the workforce.

While Paisley and Williams-Paisley are donating an initial kick off gift to the campaign, donations are still needed. If you feel moved to do so, donate at at www.thestore.org. We can’t help but notice the connection between the mission of The Store and Paisley’s song, “Today.” Watch the music video below.

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