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Exclusive: Craig Campbell Talks Touring, New Music & More


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  • October 01, 2018

Check out our exclusive interview with the country crooner, where he discusses his latest album and tour!

Craig Campbell is currently on his See You Try Tour and we just had to find out how his latest trek came about, as well as what he thinks of his latest album!

In the below interview, Campbell says that after a five year hiatus from his previous album, his new record, See You Try, is “some of the best songs I have ever recorded.” He also discusses what it was like having his wife in the title track’s music video, which Campbell describes as “amazing,” the best musical advice he’s ever received and much more.

Learn more about the country superstar in the exclusive interview below!


Artist: Craig Campbell. Photo: Erika Goldring, Getty Images

You recently kicked off your headlining See You Try Tour! What do you hope fans take away from attending your latest tour? 

My main goal is to put on a show that will have everyone saying “That was awesome and I can’t wait to see that guy again!” I also want that show to be one that people HAVE to tell all their friends about.

What goes into putting together a setlist? 

From my years playing piano for people like Luke Bryan and Tracy Byrd, the one thing I learned is it’s all about the fans having a damn good time. Whether it be songs they know from the radio or just killer covers, the fans just wanna party and sing along. That is what I try to make happen when I put together my set list.

The tour is in support of your EP See You Try and came after a five-year gap between your last album. How do you think the hiatus influenced the new EP?

 The time between albums gave me the opportunity to write and find some of the best songs I have ever recorded.

Your wife appeared in your music video for “See You Try.” What was that experience like? 

It was amazing! Obviously we have great chemistry together so making this video with her was super easy in the fact that we aren’t shy when it comes to being intimate and sexy with each other. I loved it!

What’s the best musical advice you have ever received? 

Luke Bryan once told me that I needed to be writing songs every day all day with as many different writers as possible. Although I was writing a little at the time he told me this, I wasn’t as focused on it. But as soon as he gave me that advice, I took it and hit the ground running and I am so glad I did.

Who would be your dream collaboration and why? 

My dream collaboration is not just one artist. I have so many friends in the “business” that I feel I could make great music with. At the end of the day, making music is and will always be fun for me and there are several artists that I know would be fun to make music with.

For more on Campbell and his remaining tour dates, check out his official website HERE!

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