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New Artist Spotlight: Ben Danaher


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  • September 26, 2018

Our latest new artist spotlight takes inspiration from his family in his music.

Everyone has their inspiration. For Ben Danaher, that inspiration comes from hardships that faced his family while he was growing up.

The singer-songwriter grieved the death of his brother in 2010. Just two short years after, Danaher lost his father after a battle with cancer. Danaher has channeled the emotion into his music. His latest songs “My Fathers Blood” and “Still Feel Lucky,” give him a chance to keep his family’s legacy alive.

“I am still a very fortunate man to still be walking the path that I was able to watch them walk before me,” said Danaher. “This record helped me become the man I think they would’ve been proud of.”

Music surrounded Danaher’s family. His older brother, Brett Danaher, played guitar on the road, his late brother, Kelly Danaher, was a drummer and his father was an artist as well. Danaher became interested in playing the guitar later on and began to join his family’s interest.

“I learned a lot from him [Kelly], about the music business. I learned how to be a singer writer from my dad but I learned how to be a professional musician from Kelly,” said Danaher. “He came along at a time where I was dealing with club owners, hiring band members, how to translate songs into a full band thing. Those things were invaluable to learn from him.”

Find out more about Ben Danaher HERE and listen to “My Fathers Blood” below:

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