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Dustin Lynch Inducted into the Grand Ole Opry


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  • September 20, 2018

Dustin Lynch's dreams came true when he was inducted into the Opry by the one-and-only Reba McEntire!

Dustin Lynch officially became the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry family on Tuesday, September 18.

The one-and-only Reba McEntire inducted Lynch into the Opry. Lynch was absolutely surprised and honored by McEntire’s attendance, “I wouldn’t have wanted to be inducted by anyone else … Reba’s the top of my list. She could have been anywhere in the world today and chose to be here. That means so much to me.”

Lynch was surrounded by his friends, family, fans, and team at his special night. Trying to contain his emotions surrounding the honor, Lynch found it hard to not shed a tear, “I told everybody before I came out here I’m a crybaby, and I get it from my dad. This is one of those dreams right now… Thank you for allowing us to live the dream.”

Congratulations, Dustin! Find out where you can see this Grand Ole Opry member on tour this fall on his site HERE.

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