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New Artist Spotlight: Chris Bandi


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  • September 19, 2018

This young new artist is hot on the country scene and making his way with singles like "Man Enough Now," “Gone Girl” and “Rain Man.”

This week’s New Artist Spotlight is St. Louis native, Chris Bandi. Bandi knew he wanted to be a part of the music industry at a young age and never let anyone get in the way of his dream. “People look at you a little weird when at 14 or 15 years old and you say you want to be a rock star,” says Bandi.

Now the 27-year-old is based in Nashville and has released a few singles including “Man Enough Now,“ “Gone Girl” and “Rain Man.” Bandi’s style of country, R&B, pop and rock are influenced by the music he listened to growing up around his parents. “It depended on who took me to school that day,” says Bandi. The mix of artists like Prince, Cat Stevens, Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks and Randy Travis played a huge role in his childhood and later on in his music career.

The singer-songwriter uses his life experiences as material to influence his songwriting and appreciation for an acoustic sound plays a factor behind his song, “Man Enough Now.” “I think acoustic is more intimate,” said Bandi. “It’s just you and a microphone. I was fortunate enough that I had a couple of my good friends come in and play with me for the acoustic video, but its just more intimate.” Watch the video for “Man Enough Now” below:

“What first drew me to country music was lyrics and how true the lyrics were and the stories. That’s what I’ve loved and that’s what I try to do with every song that I write,” Bandi explained.

To learn more about Chris Bandi, visit his website and check out his music on your favorite streaming service now!

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