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[Listen] Kelsea Ballerini Pairs Up With The Chainsmokers


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  • September 18, 2018

After teasing the collaboration via Instagram, their song “,This Feeling,” is finally out!

The Chainsmokers, composed of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggar, have teamed up with country singer Kelsea Ballerini for a major collaboration! 

After teasing the collab via Instagram, their song “,This Feeling,” is finally out and features Ballerini singing to EDM beats, about a certain someone being the love of her life. In an interview with Beats 1 Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, the country star face-timed with the duo from vacation and revealed that she has been a fan of The Chainsmokers for a long time.

“I’ve literally said for like two years now it’s like my dream collab is to work with these guys,” Ballerini said. “I love that they write their stuff. They’re songwriters, which I like relate to so much and respect a whole lot. I love their stuff. I’ve covered it for a couple concerts too which is really fun. Last year I was opening for a country band namely Lady Antebellum and I covered “Closer” and then I did an Instagram cover of “Paris”. So yeah super fanning you know.”

Pall shares the admiration is mutual and the guys couldn’t of been happier to work with the country sensation. “I feel like you look at her and like you smile like she’s like such a happy person,” Pall said. “We got this video back. The video back for the song and like you just looking at her you’re just like she’s such a cutie.”

And while the tune is not a traditional country song, it’s on trend with so many of the crossover and genre bending songs coming out of country radio today. “I think it’s been really cool because on country radio right now you have Chris Stapleton who’s soul country and then you have a Sam Hunt who is super R&B country and country music’s not just like a traditional sound any more. There are so many different branches of it and I think having these kind of collaborations—people that have that stigma in their head of like ‘Oh its all about the truck,’ their like ‘Oh wait I like this song. That’s a country singer? Wait let me check out more.’ And it kind of opens the doors more, which is kinda sick.”

Check out the full song below:

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