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Tailgate Fest: Essential Items For Your Parking Lot Party


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  • August 29, 2018

These must-haves will make sure you're prepared for your next tailgate extravaganza!

“Tailgate Fest is a country music festival that caters to the fans who show up hours before the concert to pop a top, drop a tailgate and turn the parking lot into the party,” says the Tailgate Festival’s official website. So how are you going to make your section of the parking lot the hot spot to be at? We’re here to tell you exactly what to bring and help you not forget some essential items!

First off, you want to remember to bring lots of sunscreen and maybe some extra deodorant. Even though fall is approaching, let’s be real. It’s September in Los Angeles which means it is probably going to be hot and sunny. The last thing you want is to have a terrible burn by the end of the day or not feeling your freshest. Do yourself a favor and remember these essentials!

Next, remember water, water, and wait for it…more water! The festival is outside on the forum grounds and once you are parked you are basically stuck. The last thing you’re going to want to do during your favorite artist’s sets is go wait in line for water. Try to throw a gallon in the back of your car in addition to whatever you put in your coolers.

Speaking of drinks, it wouldn’t a country music festival without a few good beers to sip on with your friends (of course only if you’re over 21!). Raise a red solo cup in a toast (no glass allowed in the festival) and relax as you listen to the stacked lineup. We can’t wait to hear Eric Paslay, Jana Kramer, Randy Houser and even Nelly!   


Of course you will be listening to these live sets most of the time, but for the times when you just want to relax with friends at your cars, you won’t want to forget to bring a speaker. Blast your favorite songs you are excited to hear as well as other hits you want to sing along with! We love a good parking lot dance party to complete the tailgate.

Now that we have music and drinks covered, the next crucial key to any festival is apparel. Tailgate fest, unlike Stagecoach or Coachella, is much more about kickin it with friends then about getting those insta pics! Yes there will be great places to get pictures, but you’re going to want to be comfortable. That being said, we all know everyone looks great in cowboy boots, jeans, and a hat. Everyone knows cowboy or cowgirl boots are a staple for country music gooers, so pull out the boots and get ready to be on your feet dancing all day! Girls, you’ll probably want jean shorts just to avoid the heat and everyone is going to want to bring a hat whether that be a cowboy hat or a baseball cap.

Speaking of fashion choices, you’ve probably seen tons of fun posts of your friends with bandanas around their necks at music festivals and you probably thought- wow such a cute pic! But the truth is these little pieces of fabric are way more practical and are not just a fashion statement. These festivals can get pretty dusty and when you’re standing outside all day, you’re going to want to cover your mouth and nose!

Now that we have the essential items covered, remember, have fun! This years artists are amazing and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. Country music concerts aren’t an everyday thing in LA so take advantage of this amazing weekend!

For more information on the lineup and location, check out the Tailgate Fest official website HERE!

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