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Luke Combs Releases ‘She Got the Best of Me’ Music Video


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  • August 14, 2018

Combs' hit single finally has a beautiful video to put his music to life!

Luke Combs’ new music video for “She Got the Best of Me” is full of easter eggs for fans, including nods to other songs and defining career moments. Watch the video below and then read more about the one-of-a-kind music video.

The video chronicles Combs’ career, moving from Boone, NC, where he kicked off his musical career, to Nashville. Even though “She Got the Best of Me” was only just released on his deluxe version of This One’s For You, it has been a fan-favorite since 2014 when it was released on an early EP. It only makes sense that this video would be made for the fans, since they gave it life.

Some of the easter eggs in the video include the car Combs owned when he moved to Nashville, a performance with real-life cowriters at the Tin Roof in Nashville, snapshots from past music videos, a Vine clip of the song, and plaques celebrating his career milestones, among many others.

Possibly our favorite moments of the video are the nods to lyrics from other songs. In “I Got Away With You,” Combs mentions having the Mona Lisa in his house, which is, of course, hanging in his home in “She Got the Best of Me.” “Don’t Tempt Me” includes the lyric “known to have a little beer with breakfast.” In “She Got the Best of Me,” Combs sits at the table having cereal with a Miller Lite.

Let us know what other easter eggs you spot while watching the music video!

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