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Watershed Festival Guide: Tips For Having The Best Weekend!


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  • August 02, 2018

Heading to this year's Watershed Festival? We got you covered!

As most west-coast country fans know, Watershed, is coming up and we’ve compiled a guide explaining all the fun activities festival goers need to check out! No need to leave the festival grounds to have an amazing time!

When you get to Watershed, make sure to check out the action-filled day time activities. There are countless things to do including a giant ferris wheel, the Rockstar Ride, a free arcade, soccer darts, yoga classes and a massive scavenger hunt! Ride the ferris wheel to get a stunning view of the entire festival and then head over to soccer darts or yoga to get in your daily dose of exercise.


Photo: http://watershedfest.com/festival-activities/

Getting overheated from running around or walking from the campsite to the different stages? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to cool off. 

The summer heat may be harsh, but there are tons of activities to help you survive the scorching sun! Festival goers can check out the misting station for a quick refresher or head over to a number of other water activities. At Watershed, you will find a massive water-slide that will make you feel like a kid again as well as an awesome foam party. Get soapy and drenched alongside your friends, you’ll cool down and have a blast at the same time!


Photo: http://watershedfest.com/festival-activities/

And of course in addition to these activities, it wouldn’t be a country music festival without a little partying. Fans can head to the Campground Jam to dance along to a local band American Honey Thursday and Saturday night!

Want to get in some line dancing while you’re here? You can show off your skills or take lessons with the Boot Boogie Babes at multiple scheduled times every day of the festival. Lastly, make sure to stop by Late Night at Next From Nashville for a black light party on Friday night and a 90’s themed throwback party on Saturday night.


Photo: http://watershedfest.com/festival-activities/

We hope you’re getting as excited for Watershed as we are. We want everyone to have an incredible time so we have just a few more tips that will hopefully make your weekend a little better! 

First, make sure to hydrate, it’s likely to be over 100 degrees out and the last thing you want is to feel sick or pass out! Also, before you get to the festival, make sure to download the Watershed app. Here you will find all the information you need about places to go and show times! You’ll be able to stay up to date on everything that is going on and have a great time. Lastly, enjoy the experience. You’re at one of the most beautiful amphitheaters in the country and listening to an incredible line up. Don’t stress too much about the little things and just have a blast!

Happy Watershed Weekend!  

For more information on Watershed, head to the website by clicking HERE.

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