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MegaPick: Kenny Chesney, ‘Songs For The Saints’


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  • July 27, 2018

Chesney's island paradise country album 'Songs For The Saints' is finally here!

The numbers don’t lie: Thirty number one singles. Eight Entertainer of the Year trophies. Fifteen major headlining tours. Two live albums and now, mega-star Kenny Chesney has returned with his seventeenth studio album, Songs for the Saints.


Chesney has built an undeniable brand out of his love for the island life, specifically the U.S. and British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, which were devastated by Hurricane Irma last year. Kenny has commented that the album was made in the midst of the chaos and anxiety that followed the storms, but isn’t about the devastation they created.  He instead chose to focus on the people of the islands who weathered the storm, some quite literally in Chesney’s home located on St. John as the storms were happening, with great resilience and determination.

“The people of the islands faced unthinkable destruction, but somehow just kept going,” Chesney says. “This album is to let them know we see them, and we’re here to help. Every album someone buys, that money goes straight to the Love for Love City Fund, which has so far provided generators, tools, medical supplies, food and water, transporting things to the island and taking people off, raw materials for building and even instruments for the St John School for the Arts.”

The title track, “Songs for the Saints,” is a fitting and well-written tribute to those people. Penned by Chesney, Tom Douglas and Travis Hill, the song paints a beautiful picture of the inhabitants of the island and their “get it done” attitude to clean-up their home after the storms:

We say we can when they say we can’t
 See what it is when they see what it ain’t
 With blood, sweat, and tears and a new coat of paint
 We’re just a sinner’s choir singin’ a song for the saints

Other notable tracks include “Get Along,” and “Better Boat.” “Get Along” climbed the country music charts earlier this summer to become Chesney’s 30th number one single. The up-tempo song is a simple call to action for all of us to do just that – get along. Fitting in perfectly with Chesneys’ love one another motif, the track made for an excellent first selection from the album and an accurate representation of the body of work.

“Better Boat,” featuring Mindy Smith, is an introspective and creative look at someone trying to better themselves as a person and build a better vessel for themselves while making their way through this thing called life. The song is beautifully simplistic and likely resonates with anyone who’s making their way through a rough time. The album weaves in more ties to the islands with appearances from Ziggy Marley, whose family has a deeply rooted musical history in the Caribbean and Jimmy Buffett who has also built a lasting career preaching the island way of life.

No Shoes Nation, Chesney’s expansive fan base, will no doubt love this new collection of songs that will fit right in on their playlists whether they are tailgating one of his stadium shows or easy listening next to the ocean!

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