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Dan + Shay’s ‘Speechless’ Wedding Video


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  • July 24, 2018

Dan + Shay's 'Speechless' is climbing the charts and the music video has us all in awe!

Country’s fastest rising duo Dan + Shay released their single “Speechless” and the song has officially been named the second single on the artists’ latest self titled album. 

Though all of the songs on the album have gained fast recognition, critics are raving about the authenticity of ‘Speechless’. Rolling Stone has stated, “Dan + Shay are at their most collectively potent on…‘Speechless,’ their groove-oriented production giving Mooney plenty of space to proclaim his love in soaring fashion.”

The single has already gained over 32.5 million on-demand streams and ranks #12 in consumption on the Mediabase Top 50 Country chart. Critics and fans love this tune due to the true feelings behind the words. The song was inspired by both Dan + Shay’s recent weddings and means a lot to both men. Shay Monney stated, ‘”Speechless” is definitely inspired by our wives…It’s very cool to release songs that are not only stories of our lives but also very personal experiences. Seeing our wives for the first time in their wedding dresses was absolutely an unforgettable and we talked about that while writing the song and bringing that moment to life in this song.” 

Fans can get a sneak peak into the weddings by checking out some of the real life footage that was used in the “Speechless” music video. 

Check out the full music video here: 


“Speechless” is only one of 11 chart topping songs on Dan + Shay that we are loving. The album is  the highest debut-week stream-total of any new country release in 2018 and if you haven’t listened to the full thing yet, you definitely should! Check out the full track list below. 

 Dan + Shay Track List:

1.“Alone Together” (Dan Smyers, Shay Mooney, Jesse Frasure, Hillary Lindsey)
2.“Tequila” (Dan Smyers, Jordan Reynolds, Nicolle Galyon)
3.“What Keeps You Up At Night” (Jordan Reynolds, Jordan Minton, Chase Foster)
4.“All To Myself” (Dan Smyers, Shay Mooney, Jordan Reynolds, Nicolle Galyon)
5.“Keeping Score” feat. Kelly Clarkson (Dan Smyers, Jordan Reynolds, Laura Veltz)
6.“Make or Break” (Dan Smyers, Shay Mooney, Emily Weisband, Jordan Reynolds)
7.“Speechless” (Dan Smyers, Shay Mooney, Jordan Reynolds, Laura Veltz)
8.“Stupid Love” (Dan Smyers, Shay Mooney, Jon Nite, David Hodges)
9.“No Such Thing” (Dan Smyers, Shay Mooney, Matt Dragstrem, David Lee Murphy)
10.“My Side of the Fence” (Shay Mooney, Benjy Davis)
11.“Island Time” (Dan Smyers, Shay Mooney, Andy Albert, Jimmy Robbins)

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