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The Country’s Most Delicious (& Unique) Hot Dog Recipes


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  • July 18, 2018

Check out five of the country's tastiest (and craziest) hot dog recipes!

In honor of National Hot Dog Day, we comprised a list of the country’s tastiest (and albeit, most unique) hot dog recipes. From coast to coast, we found the dogs, franks and wieners, you’re going to love the most! The list includes New York City’s Papaya dog, Nashville’s Jersey Italian and a slew of others that are available at restaurants and stands across the country.

So get your taste buds ready because you’re going to want to try these recipes immediately. You may even want to plan a road trip around these savory sausages!

Papaya dog

Where you can find it: A fast-disappearing assortment of storefront locations around New York City (Papaya King, Gray’s Papaya, etc.)

The dog: An all-beef Sabrett frank in a natural casing, griddled and served on a toasted bun with deli-style mustard, tart sauerkraut and each vendor’s signature version of the ubiquitous red onion sauce (a mix of onions, tomato paste, and vinegar). 

So basically, you better be hitting the mean streets of New York City to get your hands on one of these puppies. And you better head over fast, before it becomes even more of a delicacy! 


Jersey Italian

Where you can find it: Cori’s DogHouse in Nashville, Tennessee.

The dog: Comprised of deli mustard, fried potatoes, grilled onions and peppers, this is one amazing hot dog! The buns are a fresh, buttery Texas toast and made of a really delicious all-beef Sabrett sausage. The deli mustard also can’t be beat and really, fried potatoes?? That’s just begging to be eaten!


All of Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs

Where you can find it: Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs in Denver, Colorado 

The dog: This Colorado location has a number of delicious dogs and the best part is their insane variety of meats and toppings! While all these recipes may not be specific to the region, we had to mention Jim Pittenger’s restaurant because it’ll give you some serious road trip or hot dog inspiration. 

The variety of tasty meats include rattlesnake & pheasant, elk, boar, buffalo, and reindeer (and of course there’s also a regular hot dog if you’re feeling traditional.) The toppings range from a sonoran treatment to harissa roasted cactus/Malaysian curry jam, coney sauce, and green chile salsa, just in case you forgot you’re in Denver.


Seattle Dog

Where you can find it: Diggity Dog in Seattle, Washington

The dog: This may be the most unique flavor combination we could find that is as tasty as it is odd. The Seattle dog is comprised of a cream cheese-covered bun and grilled onions on top of a traditional beef frank.

Diggity Dog is know for this unique gem and you may want to try their version before taking on the recipe yourself. Hey, who ever said delicious had to be beautiful!


Sonoran Dog

Where you can find it: El Güero Canelo in Tucson, Arizona  

The dog: Daniel Contreras’ hot dog stand is considered the connoisseur of the Sonoran dog in the country. The bacon-wrapped frankfurter is topped with chopped tomatoes, pinto beans, a pinch of onions, a line of basic yellow mustard, jalapeño sauce and a smidge of mayo. It’s pretty much a burrito with a surprise hot dog inside, and with a Mexican bolillo roll instead of a tortilla.

Just try and replicate this tasty monster!


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