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Spotify's Hot Country Playlist Takes Over Kansas


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  • July 17, 2018

We finally have an answer to the mysterious crop designs of Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and Kelsea Ballerini!

Country music fans finally have an answer to the mysterious, caption-less Instagram posts from Jason Aldean, Kelsea Ballerini and Luke Bryan last week.

The images of the artists, carved into fields in Lawrence, Kansas, were created to celebrate Spotify’s Hot Country playlist, which gives its 4.8 million followers access to songs and original video content.

Stan Herd, a Nashville artist, was the man behind these crop circle designs. “I usually begin with a simple concept that speaks to something I believe in and a statement that I think is important to make with my art,” said Herd.

Herd continues, “When I get to the point that I decide to actually take the drawing to a field, I create a gridded drawing to the site and try to gauge how it might fit the field or terrain. I work with crews to lay out the grid, maybe one inch equaling 20 feet, and begin the simple outline with a weed-eater or other tools into existing crops or vegetation. Then we begin to gauge the work through aerial recon or drone shots.”

Each crop circle took approximately one week to create and will last for approximately three weeks.

“This year Spotify is making a concentrated effort to shine a spotlight on country music and to find truly unexpected ways to celebrate all things country,” said Brittany Schaffer, head of artist and label marketing at Spotify. “To give our fans something special we decided to work with artist Stan Herd to bring to life three of the world’s biggest country artists on a beautiful Kansas landscape to pay homage to the Heartland and country music today.”

Watch the video below to see the creation of crop circles:

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