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‘Nashville’ Announces Final Season Soundtrack List!


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  • June 28, 2018

'Nashville' Season 6 is coming to a close and releasing the final soundtrack!

For 6 seasons now, country music fans have loved watching Nashville unfold but unfortunately for die-hard fans of the show, the series will be wrapping up its final season this year. For those who don’t want to let go of the music, you’re in luck!

The cast recently announced that there will be a final soundtrack, The Music of Nashville, Season 6 Volume 2, that will be available on July 27. The soundtrack will be made up of 16 tracks featuring all of our favorite cast members including Clare Bowen, Lennon Stella, Sam Palladio and Charles Esten. Though most of the songs on the soundtrack are by the cast members, this album also includes songs written by Maren Morris and Ashley Monroe. Morris can be credited for the song “My Turn”, sung by Chris Carmack, and Monroe can be credited for “A Life That’s Good”.


Check out the full track list here: 

1. “When You Came Along” | Clare Bowen, Jake Etheridge
Written by Clare Bowen, Jake Etheridge, Brandon Young

2. “The Giver” | Jonathan Jackson
Written by Jill Andrews, K.S. Rhoads

3. “Let Love In” | Rhiannon Giddens
Written by Rhiannon Giddens, Dirk Powell

4. “Sorry Now” | Rainee Blake
Written by Jill Andrews, Trent Dabbs

5. “Go” | Rainee Blake, Chris Carmack, Jonathan Jackson, Sam Palladio
Written by Tim Lauer, Micah Wilshire, Ricky Young

6. “Without Warning” | Maisy Stella
Written by Kevin Griffin, Lennon Stella, Marylynne Stella

7. “Love Goes On” | Ilse DeLange
Written by Ilse DeLange

8. “I’ll Waltz You Home” | Ronny Cox
Written by Ronny Cox, Howard Russell Smith

9. “Going Electric” | Sam Palladio
Written by Jabe Beyer, Trent Dabbs, Sam Palladio

10. “Bring Me An Angel” | Jake Etheridge
Written by Jake Etheridge

11. “Little Fire” | Lennon Stella
Written by Sarah Buxton, Lennon Stella, Kate York

12. “Itty Bitty Ditty” | Charles Esten
Written by Charles Esten

13. “My Turn” | Chris Carmack
Written by Chris Gelbuda, Maren Morris

14. “Love Can Hold It All” | Lennon Stella, Maisy Stella
Written by Peter Groenwald, Tim Lauer, Lauren Strahm

15. “Free” | Hayden Panettiere
Written by Jill Andrews, K.S. Rhoads

16. “A Life That’s Good” | Nashville Cast
Written by Ashley Monroe, Sarah Siskind

Though the show is coming to an end, we will definitely hold onto the countless songs that have been produced. Since the premier in 2012, Nashville has released 12 soundtracks and has sold over 1 million full-length albums. The cast recently wrapped up their tour to celebrate the final season and though their time together is coming to a close, we can’t wait to see what these amazing artists are up to next!

For more on your favorite Nashville stars, you can find Clare Bowen on tour with country duo Sugarland! Get tour dates and more on their official website.

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