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Exclusive Interview: Dylan Scott Talks LakeShake, Deep Dish Pizza & More


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  • June 22, 2018

See what this budding star had to say about this year's exciting LakeShake Festival!

With all the excitement surrounding this year’s LakeShake, we had to sit down with one of the superstars featured on the lineup!

We got an exclusive interview with budding country star Dylan Scott, who gave us insight into what he’s looking forward to the most while performing at the festival, the best Chicago eateries and much more! Check out Scott’s full interview below.

1. You’re at LakeShake this weekend, what are you looking forward to most about your Main Stage performance this weekend?

First, I would like to say that I am really excited about returning to LakeShake this weekend. To be sharing the Main Stage with this group of superstars is a real honor for me and I can’t wait to introduce my music to the thousands of country music fans that will be in attendance. 

2. What’s your favorite part about performing in Chicago? Any Windy City hot spots you think your fans should visit while they’re in town? 

Actually, I wish I could recommend some hot spots but every time I have been to Chicago, I have been performing and never really had the time to enjoy the city. However, I do plan on bringing my family up soon strictly for pleasure so I am sure I will be able to offer some recommendations after that. I will say that Chicago’s country music fans love their music as much as any other place that we perform so I always enjoy coming to Chicago.

3. Favorite Chicago-style pizza? (Lou Malnati’s, Giordano’s, UNO, etc.)

I am aware that UNO invented the Chicago deep dish style pizza and we have eaten at UNO’s in both Chicago and in Ohio. I will have to try their competition there to see who is the king of Chicago deep dish pizza.

4. What is your favorite part of performing on festival lineups over a more traditional concert venue? 

To start with, the crowds are usually much larger and more energetic than in a traditional concert. Also, they are typically more diverse because of the numerous artists who perform and it allows us to gain more fans because of that diversity.

5. How do you prepare for your live shows? What does it take for you to go “wow, that was a great show”? 

 We try our best to set aside some down time before the show because we lay it all on the line once we hit the stage. I like to offer a high energy, interactive show so I want to have as much rest as possible before the show. The biggest thrill for me is to look and see fans singing every word to my songs. Whether it is 500 or 5,000 fans, when I see that I consider it to be a “wow” show.

6. After LakeShake, you are set to hit the road for the whole summer. What are you most looking forward to about being on the road? 

Actually, we have been on the road every weekend since January and don’t have a break until November so we are about halfway through the year. I am blessed to be able to make a living doing what I love so I look forward to going out to entertain my fans and make as many new ones that I can.

7. We read that your father was also a musician. How do you think growing up and hearing his stories about his time on the road influenced you? Do you and your father have similar tastes in music? 

His stories definitely influenced my decision to make a career in music. I knew at the age of 10, or perhaps earlier, that I wanted to head out to Nashville as soon as I graduated from high school and that is exactly what I did.  My musical influences varied greatly growing up and I listened to all kinds of music while my dad was  mostly just into country. He did instill the love of traditional music in me though and I loved, and still do, the nineties country music.

8. You recently opened for Florida Georgia Line. Can you tell us a bit about that experience? Any fun behind the scenes stories you can share with fans?

Unfortunately that show was during CMA Music Fest and I flew in just before the show and out immediately after it so there was virtually no time for any interaction at all. The crowd was crazy though and FGL put on a great performance. We had a blast but I wish I could have had more time to enjoy the evening.

9. What are you listening to right now? (favorite songs/artists of the moment)  

I listen to pretty much all the current artists to keep with everything and I still enjoy music in other genres. However, you can bet I always have Keith Whitley and Tim McGraw music close by.

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