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Sugarland’s ‘Babe’ Music Video Featuring Taylor Swift Is Here


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  • June 11, 2018

Sugarland's beautiful and fun collaboration with pop singer Taylor Swift is brought to life with a new video!

The much anticipated music video for Sugarland’s new single, "Babe,“ is finally here! The song, written by and featuring Taylor Swift, casts Swift herself in the music video as well.

"Babe,” co-written by Taylor Swift and Pat Monahan, was gifted to Sugarland to record and has quickly become a summer hit! Swift, having originally written “Babe” for her album Redalso came up with the plot behind the music video.

Nettles told People, “She actually reached out to us and said, ‘I’ve got a great idea for the video,’ and she wrote the treatment.” Kristian Bush continues, “And we looked at it and said, ‘Oh my gosh, this is awesome.’”

Swift plays the mischevous “other woman” in the music video plot, while Nettles depicts a 1960s housewife who is wronged by her husband. Swift’s character is described by People as a “red-haired femme fatale” who is having an affair with Nettles on-screen husband, actor Brandon Routh.

You may recognize the theme and set of the video, as it was filmed on the real set of Mad Men and based around the time-period of the show. Watch the video below:

Nettles raves about Swift by telling People, “She loves this song. She loves our recording of it. She’s been such a champion of ours, not only for many, many years, but also where this project is concerned. She’s just super excited that we’re doing it.”

Listen to Sugarland’s new album, Bigger, everywhere HERE.

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