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Watch Shania Twain’s Sweet Dance Moves On Her NOW World Tour


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  • June 05, 2018

Get a behind the scenes look into Shania Twain's dance and stage rehearsals!

If you ever thought Shania Twain was a “sit back and relax” kind of performer, then you haven’t seen anything yet! The pop country sensation recently released a video sharing a backstage view into her NOW World Tour and the choreography that goes into prepping for such a massive trek. 


The video features Twain practicing her carefully constructed moves during rehearsals, as well as a side-by-side shot of her performing live in concert. The singer’s choreography is practically seamless as we watch her go from rehearsals to the real deal and it’s no surprise to learn she was heavily involved throughout the process. “This is absolutely a choreography heavy show. This is not like sit and sing, she [shaina Twain] is involved. So there are a lot of elements happening and we had to choreograph the box moves to the timeout, every movement,” according to KC Monnie, the tour’s assistant Choreographer.

And for Twain, this tour is only something she could have imagined, let alone make into reality. “It’s like fantasy land, you know I’m just imagining and dreaming about the show that fans are going to see.”

Check out the full video in the clip below:

For more on Twain’s NOW World Tour, check out her official website HERE!

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