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MegaPick: Ashley Campbell, ‘The Lonely One’


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  • May 11, 2018

Get exclusive insight into this risings star's debut album 'The Lonely One.'

Rising star, Ashley Campbell, released her debut album today. The Lonely One proves that Campbell is a force to be reckoned with in country music.


Ashley Campbell's Album The Lonely One

Campbell sat down with us to discuss the inspiration behind her album. In every step of the way, Campbell made sure that the album reflected who she is as an artist and human, “The Lonely One is the result of me finally just saying I'm going to make an album the way I want to make it without permission from a record label, without anyone. Just, this is me in music."

Creating the album with her brother was a natural process for Campbell and made a true expression of their family's long-line of artistry. She told us how much fun they had in the studio together, “I got to co-produce the album with my brother, Cal, who runs a studio out here in LA. And, we just had the best time making it and being creative in the studio. A lot of the nights, it was just me and him. I would push record and he would play drums and vice-versa. We just had an amazing time exploring and find sounds, and making this record."

With a hand in penning all thirteen songs on the LP, each track tells a personal story from her life, “It was definitely a personal goal for me to have written every song on the album. And I cowrote all of the songs because I wanted this album to be me in music. I wanted people to get to know me as a person and as an artist, and so I wanted it all to be very personal."

One of her favorite songs on the album? “Looks Like Time." She “think[s] the most fun one to talk about is 'Looks Like Time' because it's about karma, and it's about seeing someone that broke your heart years later, and they're just having a rough time and it kind of makes you feel good. 'Cause that's definitely the case of this one guy that I had a big crush on in high school. And then I saw him and I was like, woop."

Be sure to listen to The Lonely One everywhere HERE.

The Lonely One Track Listing:

  1. A New Year
  2. Cry
  3. Better Boyfriend
  4. A Taken Man
  5. The Lonely One
  6. Good for You
  7. Wish I Wanted To
  8. How Do You Know
  9. Carl & Ashley’s Breakdown
  10. What I’m Doin’ Here
  11. We Can’t Be Friends
  12. Looks Like Time
  13. Nothing Day

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