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MegaPick: Jason Aldean


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  • April 13, 2018

Jason Aldean's new album 'Rearview Town' is definitely something to look back on!

The wait is finally over and Jason Aldean's eighth studio album, Rearview Town, has arrived. The fifteen-track album features a collection of songs that can resonate with just about everyone, in true Jason Aldean style.

New album REARVIEW TOWN is available NOW! Listen on @applemusic

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Aldean does not focus on hidden meanings or a secret narrative in his music, he wants it to speak for what it is. He describes to NPR what he hopes listening to the album is like for fans, “I want a project that will take [listeners] on a journey, if they want to party, if they're going through a breakup, or if they're in love. But other than that, man, there's not too much hidden." He continues, “Don't try to pick my brain apart and try to figure out where I was coming from, because more than likely I just thought the song was cool and wanted to cut it.“

Aldean elaborates even further, “I'll be honest with you: I don't get too artsy with it or overthink it or try to come up with a really cool story of why I cut different songs. That's just not the way I'm wired. Am I drawn to songs sometimes for personal reasons because I'm going through this or that, or I know somebody that's going through it? I'm sure I am drawn to certain songs at specific times because of that. But ultimately, for me, I wanna go cut a bad-ass record that's got songs that I wanna go out the following year and sing live every night. And I like telling stories, so I like songs that sort of paint the picture"

Despite the absolutely life-altering year Jason Aldean has had, he did not want to focus on that in his album. In the same article with NPR, he explains why he dedicated the album to the Route 91 Vegas victims and their families, but didn't address the subject matter in the songs, “I would say 95 percent of the album was completed before that happened. Anybody that's sort of looking for references to Vegas throughout the record, you're probably gonna be grabbing at straws, because it was just basically done before that… I don't feel like I need to go address it on an album to really bring some closure to everything. As far as dedicating it to them, I just felt like that was a cool way to pay tribute to those people that were my fans that were there, to the memory of the people that were lost."

Following the lead single, “You Make It Easy," we knew we were in for a treat with Rearview Town. Other favorites on the album include his collaboration with Miranda Lambert, “Drowns the Whiskey," and the title-track, “Rearview Town."

Collaborating with Miranda Lambert felt comfortable and exciting for Aldean, “I dig Miranda. I think she's a great artist. I've always said if I was a female, I probably do the kind of stuff Miranda does, like 'Kerosene.' But then she can also do a ballad and sound amazing, and have fun and rock out. I've always been a fan of hers, and we've been friends for a long time. We used to tour together a lot in the early days. We kinda hit the scene about the same time and had the same booking agent. … I had a couple songs that I thought she would sound amazing on, and this was one of 'em."

You can buy Rearview Town everywhere HERE and be sure to check out all of Aldean's upcoming summer tour dates HERE.

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