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‘Bigger’ Just Got Better! Sugarland’s New Album To Feature Taylor Swift


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  • April 13, 2018

Taylor Swift, the once country star turned pop sensation, has been recently dipping back into her Nashville roots. From penning Little Big Town's hit single “Better Man," which took home a CMA Award in 2017 for Song of the Year, to now co-writing and lending her voice to Sugarland's song “Babe" off their upcoming album, Swift is giving her fans some serious country nostalgia!

Swift wrote “Babe" with Train's Pat Monahan and will be featured on the track alongside Nettles and Bush. While the song has yet to be released, we can only assume her sweet signature vocals will be shining through!

Sugarland's album Bigger

Bigger will include 11 new songs, 10 of which were written by Nettles and Bush. Check out Surgarland's current singles, “Still the Same," and “Love Me Like I'm Leaving," and make sure to catch them on the road for their Still The Same Tour kicking off on May 4 in Oklahoma.

Sugarland's Bigger Tack Listing:

1. “Bigger" (Bush, Nettles)
2. “On a Roll" (Bush, Nettles)
3. “Let Me Remind You" (Bush, Nettles)
4. “Mother" (Bush, Nettles)
5. “Still the Same" (Bush, Nettles)
6. “Lean It on Back" (Bush, Nettles)
7. “Babe" (featuring Taylor Swift) (Taylor Swift, Pat Monahan)
8. “Bird in a Cage" (Bush, Nettles)
9. “Love Me Like I'm Leaving" (Bush, Nettles, Tim Owens)
10. “Tuesday's Broken" (Bush, Nettles)
11. “Not the Only" (Bush, Nettles)

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