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MegaPick: Kacey Musgraves


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  • March 30, 2018

It's time for Kacey Musgraves 'Golden Hour,' learn more about her new album!

“What would it sound like if Imogen Heap made a country album? Would it work? Would it make sense?” These are all questions Kacey Musgraves asked herself while making her new album, Golden Hour. The album is her third studio release since she burst on the country scene with her critically acclaimed debut album, Same Trailer, Different Park in 2013.

A mere seconds into the new album and its easy to recognize that Musgraves is continuing to forge her own path with her own sound. In an interview with GQ, she revealed that Golden Hour is unlike anything she’s done before. She explained, “I really wanted to change it up. I needed a change. That’s when I started moseying around my thoughts, trying to see what started becoming tangible.”

The album opens with “Slow Burn.” The song starts off with just Musgraves’ vocal and acoustic guitar, but builds. The track is reminiscent of Imogen Heap and Coldplay, with all the flair of a good country song. The lyrics explain Musgraves’ shift from being a sharp-tongued, proud small-towner to becoming more warm and romantic.

If you think that Musgraves has gone all mushy on you, you’re wrong. The sharp-tongued songstress we all know and love is still there. She keeps it real and speaks her mind on “High Horse.” In the song, Musgraves calls out that one person we all know who is stuck on their high horse. The track is super catchy with its 80s influences and disco-sound.

“Space Cowboy," which was released a few weeks ago, is already a favorite amongst fans. Musgraves took to her Instagram to share the inspiration for the song, explaining that during a riding lesson, a horse charged at her. The gate was closed and Musgraves felt safe but her riding instructor yelled at her to move and told her, “Girl - when they wanna go they will go…there ain't no point in even shuttin' the gate." This struck a chord in Musgraves and a few days later "Space Cowboy” was written.

One day I was out at the barn watching this stallion charging powerfully from one end of the arena to the other, bucking and galloping at full speed all alone. Though I was “safe" on the other side of the arena wall, it kinda scared me when he came flying toward me..barely stopping in time. My riding teacher saw him coming at me and yelled at me to move away. I said “I'm fine! The gate is closed!" to which she said, “Girl - when they wanna go they will go…there ain't no point in even shuttin' the gate." It really made a mark on me when she said that and I wrote it down. SPACE COWBOY came a couple days after with @shanemcanally + @lukerobert ✨Make peace with what doesn't belong. You'll find something better. Link in bio ✨ (photo by @kellychristinesutton / visual made by @thisreo) FULL ALBUM 3/30

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Golden Hour is available today. Click here for more details.

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