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New Artist Spotlight: Sammy Brue


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  • March 21, 2018

It's hard to believe that at only 15, this singer-songwriter is making his musical mark!

After you hear Sammy Brue's catchy lyrics and mature sound, it will be hard to believe that he is only fifteen years old. His first album, I Am Nice, was released last June. Originally from Utah, Brue started songwriting at 10 years-old and has since signed a record deal with New West records. Brue has even opened for the likes of Lukas Nelson, Lucinda Williams, and Hayes Carll.

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“I Know" is the first single and most personal song on I Am Nice. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Brue shares, “I wrote that song in my underwear at three in the morning. It was about someone chasing after their dreams and leaving a person they loved behind to do it. Only to find out that the person they left was more important than the dream. It's probably the most personal song I've written for this album."

“I Know" has an intricate guitar track backed by a steady beat. It's a song you'll be humming to yourself for the rest of the day, with Brue's vulnerable vocals and catchy lyrics. Check out the stunning music video below.

Heartbreak and deception are themes throughout the album. “Jealous" and “Control Freak" speak about these topics heavily. In “Was I The Only One," Brue even contemplates if he was cheated on. He swaps out his usual acoustic guitar for an electric guitar, giving this song a unique dynamic and sound. Brue stays true to his Americana sound, adding in hints of doo-wop throughout.

Brue is only fifteen but has a long, ever-evolving career ahead of him. When asked about the future and the possibility of experimentation, Brue says, “I experiment now. I just really do love music. I produce rap music, hip hop, pop and some other experimental type stuff. As far as my songwriting goes, I've always stuck to this Americana-type rock genre. I have done a couple poppy songs. I just don't see Sammy Brue going in that direction."

Last day of recording.

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Click here to buy I Am Nice. Want to see Brue perform live? Click here for dates and tickets.

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