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The Best Boot For Your Buck: Check Out These Star Studded Boot Brands


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  • March 16, 2018

Check out these star studded boot brands from Eric Church, Miranda Lambert and more!

Ready to give this week the boot? You're not alone, and we've put together an awesome list of the best boots money can buy to help you get the job done. Whether you're from the heart of the country or a casual fan, the boots on this list would make any country music fan proud. So let's stomp our heels in the ground and get to it.

1. It was a real challenge to decide which pair of boots to put first. Until it wasn't, thanks to Eric Church. In September 2014, the “Springsteen" singer partnered with Lucchese to launch his signature boot line appropriately titled These Boots. And trust us, you're going to want these boots. There are too many in his line to count, so we'll just start with a fan favorite, The Outsider pair.

Church names all of his boots after one of his songs, and has plenty of options for both guys and gals.


Eric Church's These Boots Collection

2. Guess who has a signature boot with Lucchese? Kacey Musgraves! The Texas native and Grammy winning singer-songwriter is big into boots herself, and the ones she cooked up with the team at Lucchese are something else. But we're going to highlight one in particular: The Gallop Western boots. The best part? They're suede, they've got side fringe and they're a good-lookin' shade of pink.

See for yourself, and head over to Lucchese's site to see the entire Kacey for Lucchese collection!


Kacey Musgraves' Kacey For Lucchese

3. Next up: Kelsea Ballerini. Boot sponsorships are just a gold mine for country stars, and Ballerini signed with Boot Barn, a premiere western clothing distributor, in 2016. And now she's the new face of their successful women's only brand, Shyanne. Among the other items Kelsea says are must-haves is a seriously cool pair of American boots.

Go visit the Boot Barn and see the country star sporting her top five picks from the clothing line! You could be the next one wearing these moonboots, making all your friends jealous.


Kelsea Ballerini's Shyanne Boot Brand 

4. Brad Paisley is in on the boot game too. His clothing brand, Moonshine Spirit, is also hosted on Boot Barn, and has some cutting edge boots. Whether it's his Eagle Overlay or his Snip-Toe design, you're going to be ready to line dance to the beat of that country music whenever you put them on.

Go check out what Moonshine Spirit has to offer on Boot Barns official website! Who knows, you might end up wearing these bad boys.


Brad Paisley's Moonshine Spirit Boots

5. Last, but not least, we have Miranda Lambert's signature boots. Want to know where you can get them? You guessed it — Boot Barn. Lambert's collection was announced in November 2017, and is called Idyllwind. Her page on Boot Barn defines “idyll" as “music or poem that describes the peaceful country life," and “wind" as “a force or action that influences: confident, courageous." Now that's a boot line built for a country music fan.

Go check out the “Tin Man" singer's collection in stores or online!

There you have it, folks. Looks like you've got some shopping to do. We hope this list helps you find the right boots for you and gets you even more excited about this awesome thing we call country music!

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