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Bobby Bones Bares All In Upcoming Book


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  • March 15, 2018

Learn more about the country radio DJ's path to fame in ‘Fail Until You Don’t: Fight. Grind. Repeat.’

As the youngest person to ever be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and as the ACM National Broadcast Personality of the Year, Bobby Bones has a quite a name to live up to. However, even before he had success as a country radio host, instand-up comedy, or as a best-selling author, he wants fans to know “how much of a failure he is!"

Bones recently revealed details of his upcoming book Fail Until You Don't: Fight. Grind. Repeat., the follow up to his 2017 #1 New York Times best-seller Bare Bones: I'm Not Lonely If You're Reading This Book. Bones shared with People that where Bare Bones was more of an autobiographical journey in which he “revealed how he grew up poor in Arkansas and was raised by his single, drug-addicted mother", his upcoming release will be a bit more on the motivational side. Fail Until You Don't will be a collection of anecdotal stories about past misses in his life and how he was able to overcome adversary, turning mistakes into opportunities.

“I got rejected from 30 radio jobs before I ever got a real radio job…" Bones explained to People, in response to the biggest mistake he writes about in his book. “So here's this guy who's really good at talking to people through their iPhone or their radio, but in reality, I'm quite a bad speaker. I speak in broken sentences. I have an accent. Everything that I do should be wrong but I started really young and I just learned how to learn. I would fail and I would figure out why that didn't go right and do it again. So my main job, which I'm celebrated for, I sucked at forever.“

Not only does Bones bare it all in his upcoming memoir, the book will also feature anecdotes from some of his famous friends who have had some missteps of their own, including Brooklyn Decker, Charlamagne Tha God, Andy Roddick, Chris Stapleton and others.

“I want people to see that other people are failing too," said Bones. “Instagram isn't real life. I wrote this book so people could see they weren't alone. I wrote this book to give people the tools to use failure to their advantage. This book will probably be a failure too…and that's ok!"

Fail Until You Don't: Fight. Grind. Repeat. hits shelves June 19 and is available for preorder HERE.

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